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Famale and male student are laughing together in a science lab.

We’re glad that you’re considering the University of Arkansas Honors College! As a member of our community of outstanding students and professors you will take challenging courses and pursue original undergraduate research and creative endeavors, both on campus and around the world. Some of that work involves applying what you learn to serve others both locally and globally. 

With these opportunities come responsibilities. Students who join the Honors College commit themselves to completing the honors requirements in their major and graduating with honors. Before deciding if the Honors College is right for you, please review the honors program requirements in your college (this webpage includes links to specific information on honors course and thesis requirements in your college).

Timing: You may apply to the Honors College at any time between now and the beginning of the semester in which you enroll. To register for honors classes in your first semester you should apply before you come to campus for orientation.

One application: Once you have been accepted into the Honors College, you're done. There is no need to apply to the honors program in your major. When you arrive on campus, you will be asked to sign a letter of intent to complete the honors program in your major. 

Ready to apply? Please click on the appropriate link below.

New freshmen students  

New transfer students 

Current students

Are you a member of the Honors College, and want to change or add an honors program?

Visit Change or Add an Honors Program.