Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I register for the University of Arkansas Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI)?

Registration has begun for the 2017 APSI. To reserve your spot, please complete the online registration form.

I have submitted my registration, but I need to make a change or cancel. How do I do this?

The deadline to cancel your registration or change your class is June 16, 2017. To cancel your registration or change your course, you must complete the online changes and cancellations form. Cancellations made after June 16 will incur a $250 fee. If a teacher is registered and is a no show for APSI, the full registration fee will be charged. Cancellation or no show fees will be charged regardless of whether or not the teacher was offered state funding to attend APSI.

Am I eligible for state funding?

Distribution of Arkansas funds to public school teachers will be based on a priority status system that the state sets-up each year. The ADE priority system is as follows:

1) Arkansas AP teachers from Focus or Priority Schools (as established by the Arkansas ESEA Flexibility Plan) never having attended an APSI or they attended more than 5 years ago

2) Arkansas AP teachers never having attended an APSI or they attended more than 5 years ago

3) Arkansas Pre-AP teachers from Focus or Priority Schools (as established by the Arkansas ESEA Flexibility Plan) never having attended an APSI or they attended more than 5 years ago

4) Arkansas Pre-AP teachers never having attended an APSI or they attended more than 5 years ago

5) Arkansas AP or Pre-AP teachers having attended an APSI within the last 5 years

The priority deadline for funding is March 1. After that date, we will begin to allocate state funding to registered teachers using the system described above.

UPDATE: We have exhausted our state funding at this time. All teachers who are eligible for state funding can still register for APSI and be placed on a wait list for funding. When cancellations occur, we will reallocate the state funds to a teacher on the wait list.

What if I have to miss part of the Institute?

The APSI week is intense and the consultants cover an enormous amount of material in a very short amount of time. The College Board and the Arkansas Department of Education require teachers to attend every session (all 30 hours of instruction) in order to be certified or to receive state funding. Teachers who have state funding and have to miss part of the institute will need to make arrangements to cover the costs.

How much does the Institute cost?

For 2017, the fee for those who will stay on campus is $710. For those who will stay off-campus and commute, the price is $560. Teachers enrolled in Biology and Chemistry will also have an additional $25 lab fee.

If I am not receiving state funding, what should I do?

If you are not receiving state funding, you should make arrangements to cover the costs of the institute. Your school district must create a purchase order. An invoice will be sent to your school.

When you send the payment, please include a copy of the invoice or a sheet of paper with the following information: Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Customer Number, and Amount Due. All of this information can be found at the bottom of the original invoice. Failure to include this information can delay the processing of APSI payments.

What should I bring with me to the Institute?

We recommend that each participating teacher brings the following items with them to the Institute: Linens for Extra Long Twin Sized Beds (80" mattresses)/Pillows/Towels (if you plan to stay on-campus in the Northwest Quad), Umbrella, Water Bottle, Tennis Shoes, Comfortable Clothing, Windbreaker (some classes get cold), and a Backpack. We also recommend that you read your class's course description to see if your consultant recommends that you bring any additional items. You can access these descriptions on the Course Listings page.

How do I get to the Institute?

For detailed instructions on how to get to campus and where to park, please visit our Parking & Directions page. Please note that there are two sets of directions: one for participants who will commute to campus each day and another for participants who will stay in the Northwest Quads throughout the week of the Institute.

If you are commuting each day and parking in the Harmon Avenue Parking Garage, you will be given a ticket each day when you enter. Please be sure to bring the ticket to your class each day so it can be validated. You will not be charged for parking during the week of the Institute.

Where will I be housed, if I choose to stay on campus?

If you stay on campus, you will live in the Northwest Quad. You can read more about the Quad and what we recommend for you to bring on our Lodging page. The rooms are suite style, which means that you will have a private room, but will share a bathroom with another participant and a living area with three other participants. The Quad is connected to parking lot 37, which is located at the corner of Garland and Cleveland. Please note: linens will not be provided, so be sure to bring your own!

Please note: You will only be able to stay in the residence hall from Monday evening through Thursday evening during the Institute. Regardless of your travel plans, you are required to checkout on Friday, the last day of classes. If you are not able to leave the area until Saturday, you will be responsible for finding and paying for a hotel room in the area.

Who will be teaching my course?

The APSI invites experienced, successful teachers who are certified by the College Board. You can read more about your course in the Course Listings section of the website.

Can I receive graduate credit hours through the Institute?

Yes, teachers attending the Institute have the option of applying for graduate credit for the work they complete in their course.  Participants who wish to pursue graduate credit must apply for admission to the University of Arkansas Graduate School and provide immunization records. Graduate School tuition and fees are paid by the student. For detailed information and registration instructions, please contact us at or 479-575-7677 no later than June 1, 2017.