Faculty-Led Study Abroad Grants

world mapWant to study film and television in Great Britain, explore sustainable manufacturing in Belgium, or master the fine points of international finance in Japan? The University of Arkansas offers these courses and more than 30 other faculty-led study abroad programs.

Need some grant support to go? We’ve made it really easy for you to apply for grant funding for University of Arkansas faculty-led and Rome Center programs. 

  • The Faculty-Led Study Abroad Grant has the easiest, shortest application for Honors College grant funding: Just fill in a few extra questions when you apply to the program, upload your resume, and you're done.
  • You will find out whether or not you got the grant within a month of the application deadline. 
 Each program will be assessed a flat dollar award amount that on average across programs will cover 40% of allowable expenses. If awarded, you will receive an email with your exact award amount.
  • Your essay needs to be thoughtful and well-crafted. Lame essay = no funding!
  • By the time of application, you must have completed at least six honors hours on campus. The only exception is for first-semester freshmen, as long as they are enrolled in at least three honors hours in the fall and at least another three honors hours in the spring semester.
  • Like all of our other grant applications, you must be in good standing with your Honors program at the time of application, award notification, and departure. This includes maintaining the minimum GPA required for the Honors College.
  • You may apply for Honors College funding for two faculty-led programs, but once you have committed to one program, you will not be allowed to transfer our funding to another program.  
  • Eligible program costs include:  Tuition, fees, room and board, required books, airfare, program excursions, program fee, and visa.
  • Sorry, the Honors College grant will not pay for the following: Personal expenses, immunizations, passports, and travel that is not part of the official study abroad program.
  • The award amount will be reduced if it exceeds your unmet need. (We can't pay more than your official cost of attendance, which is based on your study abroad budget sheet.)

Student Application Deadline

October 1 for January 2017 intercession, May 2017 intercession, and Summer 2017 programs.

November 1, and December 1, and February 1 for May 2017 intercession, Summer 2017, and August 2017 intercession programs.

Note: While the deadline to apply for a particular Faculty-Led program may not close until December or even later, funding is limited and chances of receiving a grant might decrease by the later application cycles. 


Fill out the application for the faculty-led program.

There will be a box asking if you are an honors student and are interested in applying for grants. Check it!

A separate grant application page will come up. 

  • Do you plan to apply for funding for more than one program? If yes: Please rank the two programs you want the Honors College to consider funding, even if you have not applied for the other program yet.
  • Do you agree to repay the grant funds to the Honors College if you do not successfully complete the study abroad program and complete your honors program? (You must agree to receive funding.) 
  • Are you an in-state Fellow? 
  • Have you started your honors research yet? 
  • How many honors course hours have you completed on campus? 
  • How many times have you been awarded an Honors College Study Abroad Grant? 
  • Are you currently eligible for and/or receiving a Federal Direct Stafford Loan or Pell Grant? 
  • Have you traveled abroad before? 
  • How many times have you studied abroad as an undergraduate student? Explain your previous experience, if any.
  • 2 pages maximum.
  • Your resume should be a succinct, compelling outline of your experience and academic work, including your honors work.
  • We recommend that you review the online resume resources provided by the Career Development Center.
  • Ask someone in the Career Development Center to review your resume before you submit it.

400 words maximum.

Your essay will be the given the most weight in determining funding. Your prompt will be: "In this essay, do not write about experiences that impact every study abroad student (such as experiencing new cultures/languages/cuisines/educational styles, or making friends/leaving your comfort zone, etc.). Instead, tell us how your selected program will specifically impact your personal and individual academic experience, your honors research, attainment of your professional goals, and/or your job marketability." 

And that's it!

Questions? Contact Chelsea Hodge at cew003@uark.edu or (479)575-3127.

Congratulations — you got the grant! Here are the important next steps:

Step 1


Complete and submit the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Grant RSVP form.

Step 2

Complete your paper-work:

Contact the Office of Study Abroad (if you haven’t already) and set up an appointment. They will help you with your passport, visa and other paperwork.

Step 3

Mark your calendar:

Attend the Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation meetings. They will take place during the semester prior to travel.

Step 4

Get your grant funds:

The funds will be deposited in your UAConnect account at the start of the term you go abroad.

Step 5

Share your Experience:

Submit your blog post and photos, photo journal, or video while you are abroad. Visit Study Abroad Grant Documentation for more info.

Step 6

Get credit for your course:

With faculty-led programs, this is automatic. One less step for you -- hooray! 

*Important UAConnect tips:

  • If you owe the university money, they will use your grant funds to cover those costs. So pay those parking tickets and any other outstanding fees before the start of your grant period! 
  • You must complete your paperwork with the Office of Study Abroad before grant funds will be deposited into your UAConnect account.

Want your money faster? Set up direct deposit through UAConnect: UAConnect > student Center > Finances > Direct Deposit Setup.

Have your banking information handy before you start.

Congratulations –– and get ready for a life-changing experience!

Getting ready involves more than buying guidebooks and ordering your passport. It’s important to follow the timeline above, step by step, and to read, then reread, all of the conditions below:

To qualify for funding, you must be an active member in good standing with the Honors College at the time of application, award, and departure.

Good standing includes

  • Required minimum 3.50 GPA (3.33 for architecture students after their 5th semester)
  • No academic integrity violations or violations of the Code of students in the past year. See Academic Resources for more information.

The Honors College considers it unethical to accept grants if the student does not have every intention of completing the honors program. By accepting funds from the Honors College, you promise, to the best of your ability, to complete your degree program with Honors.

The Honors College Study Abroad Grant can only be applied to the proposed program and term, unless a change is approved by the Honors College. If you change programs, change course plans or drop a course, you must contact the Honors College immediately.

If the program is in a country or region that has a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning or on the CDC's Traveler's Health Warning Level 3 List, Honors College grant funds cannot be used, except with written permission of the Honors College dean.

If courses are taught in a language other than English, and you are awarded a grant, you must submit a Language Proficiency Form.

  • The form verifies that you have or will have the language skills necessary to succeed in the program.
  • It must be signed by a faculty or staff member in the foreign languages department.

The grant amount may be adjusted at the Honors College's discretion if the program budget from the Office of Study Abroad varies significantly from the Self-Reported Cost Estimate.

Students who drop below full-time before or during the program must repay the grant funds, unless prior approval from the Honors College is obtained.

Funding will be terminated if the student is removed from or drops out of the Honors College or if the student is no longer in good standing (including meeting minimum GPA requirements).

Grant funds will be posted to your UAConnect account at the beginning of the term you go abroad. 

Funds will be applied toward your UAConnect account and will be released only if there is no outstanding balance. Be sure to pay any outstanding university charges for tuition/fees, library/DPS fines, Health Center charges, etc.!

Other scholarships will be applied first, and the honors grant will be adjusted to avoid exceeding the cost of attendance less personal expenses.

As an Honors College student and grant recipient, you represent us while you are abroad. We expect you to conduct yourself with the utmost integrity at all times, both at home and abroad.

If you are found responsible for violations of the U of A Code of Student Life or responsible for U of A Academic Integrity violations while abroad, you may have to repay the grant to the Honors College, at the discretion of the Honors College Dean or Associate Dean.

You must submit documentation of your Study Abroad Grant for each funded term.

  • This could be a blog post and photos, photo journal, or video that conforms to the formats and submission directions on the Study Abroad Grant Documentation page of this website.
  • Failure to do so will result in the grant funds being revoked.

You must consent to and authorize the use of and reproduction by the University of Arkansas, of any and all descriptions, blogs, photographs or other documents related to the study abroad program, for educational and promotional purposes.

NOTE: Exceptions for these conditions can only be granted by the Honors College Dean or Associate Dean. Exception requests must be made in writing to honors@uark.edu.