Honors Courses


Professor is lecturing to packed classroom.

In an honors course, you'll get the facts and something more - an invitation to dig deep and think critically. Honors courses tend to be smaller, more in-depth and designed to spark individual exploration of a topic. In your first year or two you'll have the opportunity to take honors sections of core courses in math and science and in the humanities, such as the highly regarded Honors Humanities program (H2P), a three-semester seminar on world civilizations taught by an interdisciplinary team of professors.

Signature Seminars

In these interdisciplinary seminars top professors and campus leaders  invite a select group of students into their world of amazing research. This spring, offerings include Teeth and Prosecution.  There's still time to apply for Fall 2017 seminars on Race and Cancer. Future seminars? We're considering a wide range of topics, from hunger and aging to illuminated manuscripts, the Internet, water, and Jesus. 


This series brings star faculty and top administrators together with honors students to discuss trending issues, from the 2016 presidential election to diversity in design. Fourteen lucky students will get a crash course in campus leadership this spring with Flagship U!, taught by Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz in his home. 

Interdisciplinary Courses

In the past 10 years, we have helped to develop 30 interdisciplinary courses with more than $500,000 in startup funding. Topics range from the drug development process to music, language and thought, and give you a great opportunity to consider big issues from several points of view. 


The U of A also offers a diverse range of colloquia: you can develop hands-on expertise managing a $5 million portfolio, participate in an oral history project or broaden your perspective with a course on space exploration.

Courses change from year to year.

 Among the recent offerings: 

  • Entrepreneurship/New Venture Development 

  • Quantum Reality and the Spiritual Quest

  • Chemical Engineering Design II (students develop environmental projects, for example production of butanol fuel from algae, and enter them in national competitions)

  • The South in History, Literature and Film

  • Mathematical Design and Manufacturing

  • Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy and Culture

  • Health Coaches

  • Rivers in Peril

  • Leadership in Food Policy

  • Cool Books about Stuff that Really Happened (Creative Nonfiction)

  • Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Nanotechnology Lab

For more information on courses offered in your major, talk to your honors program director.