Current and Transfer Students

Here's how to apply if you are a current or new transfer student to the U of A:
  1. Review the honors program requirements in your college.
  2. Fill out our Honors College Application form. If eligible, the honors director or assistant honors director in your college will admit you and notify you and the Honors College.
  3. If eligible, the honors program director or assistant honors program director in your college will admit you and notify you and the Honors College. 

Important Notes

  • Eligibility: You must achieve a 3.50 university GPA for at least one semester (Walton College requires a 3.75 university GPA over two semesters) to be eligible to join the Honors College.
  • Timing: If you apply after the second week of class in a semester, you will miss out on the priority registration offered to Honors College students that semester – but you will be eligible for this benefit in subsequent semesters.   

Questions about applying? Contact your honors program director.