International Internship Grants


Your mentor has suggested an internship in Belgium that would help you complete your honors thesis research. But how will you cover the budget?

We can help! The Honors College awards competitive International Internship Grants to students participating in unpaid internships abroad with research components or professional skills in a spring, summer, or fall semester.

  • You must be an honors student in good standing, including the minimum 3.50 cumulative GPA (3.330 minimum for Architecture students after their fifth semester). This including having the minimum GPA at time of application, award, and departure.
  • You must be an active Honors College member and an undergraduate at time of application and travel.
  • You must have completed 6 hours of honors coursework at UA at time of application. The only exception is for first-semester freshmen or first-semester transfer students, as long as you are enrolled in at least three honors hours in the semester of application (first semester on campus) and you complete a total of at least six honors hours at UA by the end of your second semester. The completion of six honors hours is required to receive any awarded funds.
  • You must be enrolled as a regular full-time student in a course of study during the academic year.
  • Students found responsible for academic integrity violations or violations of the Code of Student Life are not eligible to apply for or receive Honors College grants for at least one year after being sanctioned.

Amounts vary depending on the type of travel, the relevance and impact to your professional and research goals, and the quality of your proposal.

These grants are highly competitive.

Funding may be awarded up to $3000.

  • Internship must extend at least 4 weeks during a spring, summer, or fall semester
  • Internship must be unpaid.
  • Sorry, Honors College funds cannot be used for domestic internships.
  • Your experience must be credit bearing, if traveling in the summer. You must earn at least one hour of credit from this experience. In addition, you must be enrolled in a total of three credit hours for the summer term, including your internship credit. This total cannot include online courses. Whether applying for the grant for summer or an academic semester, please contact Dr. Jennie Popp at to discuss credit requirements before applying. Credit can be given by the program or university you are working with or by the UA (such as internship hours or independent study – you should work with your research mentor and academic advisor to determine what could work). If you hope to use your Honors College or Bodenhamer Fellowship Funds for part of your expenses, meet with Kelly Carter before applying to discuss whether this experience will qualify.
  • Experience must be recognized by your UA faculty member/advisor as a valid experience that is beneficial to your academic program/research requirements at UA.
  • The internship must have research components or involve professional skills.
  • Students planning to travel outside of the U.S. in order to participate in study, research, service learning, or internship must register through the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange.  
  • Funding requests will not be considered without verification that students have applied for the UofA Internship, Research and Independent Study Abroad Program or appropriate external program listed in the HogsAbroad portal. 
  • The purchase of study abroad health insurance and emergency travel assistance is required.

Wondering how you can combine an internship experience with research experience? You might accomplish this in several different ways:

  1. You research information for your internship host, such as best practices, comparable companies, market information, or something similar.
  2. You collect data for your company or organization by administering a survey or conducting interviews.
  3. You perform creative research and/or develop professional skills by creating new materials for your internship host, such as marketing materials, a website, a training manual, forms or reports.
  4. You may conduct independent research outside of your internship experience. For instance, Alex McLeod interned with the Scottish Rural College (SRUC) in 2016. She chose to collect her research while in country completing her internship, which she turned into her thesis titled “An Assessment of Communication Strategies in Edinburgh, Scotland: A Focus on News Outlets Used by Select Audiences.”

The Honors College does not fund student travel to countries or specific destinations within a country listed with a Level 3 or 4 Travel Advisory by the U.S. State Department


Student Application Deadlines

International Internship Grant applications are due at least two months before your date of departure. You are welcome to apply earlier! Please note that review can take up to two weeks, so keep that in mind when deciding when to apply.

If your travel takes place during the summer, you must apply by March 1. We will not accept summer applications after this date.

Questions? Contact Chelsea Hodge at or (479)575-3127.


Required Application Materials 

Prepare the following items, which must be submitted using the International Internship Grant application by the appropriate deadline

Like all of our other grant programs, you must be in good standing with your honors program at the time of application, award notification, and departure. This includes maintaining the minimum GPA required for the Honors College and completing the six hours of honors credit if you were a first-semester freshman or transfer student when you applied.

The application has many moving parts. Click here for a helpful application checklist!

Prepare a resume following the formatting guidelines or your discipline and/or college. Your resume should be a succinct, compelling outline of your experience and academic work. 

  • 2 pages maximum.

Include these components:

  • Honors College status: It is vital that you prominently mention that you are a member of the Honors College in the education section. You should also list any relevant or particularly impactful honors coursework. If you have been awarded Honors College funding, such as a fellowship or study abroad grant, you should list these in the appropriate sections of your resume.
  • Education: GPA, degree plan, number of honors hours and total number of hours completed, and class standing (sophomore, junior, senior). Be sure to include your status as a member of the Honors College and/or as an Honors College Fellow in this section.
  • Research Experience: lab experience, presentations, posters, publications of any kind, projects underway.
  • Honors & Awards: scholarships, previous grant funding, other honors.
  • Relevant Experience: leadership experience, community service, work experience, significant hobbies.

We recommend that you review the online resume resources provided by the Career Development Center. Ask someone in the Career Development Center to review your resume before you submit it.

You will upload and attach a PDF of your resume to the application.

  • You must submit a current copy of your transcript.
  • We accept an official or unofficial transcript. Highlight honors courses on your transcript!
  • You will upload and attach a PDF of your transcript to the application.

Be ready to submit the following:

  • Name of Company/Institution where internship will occur
  • City and country of internship location
  • Website for company/institution, if available
  • Contact person abroad for internship - name and email if available
  • Dates of internship experience
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss what credit you can receive from this experience.
  • On the application, you will provide specific and exact alphas, numbers, and names for the courses you will be enrolled at the UA during the internship period. You will also state how the course will apply toward your degree program at the UA. For example, will it fulfill an elective course requirement, a general education course, or a course for your major? Explain what the course will replace.
  • Remember, you must earn at least one credit hour from this research experience. You also need to be enrolled in at least three total hours for the summer term, not including online classes (i.e. three hours for the research experience or one hour for research + two or more hours from a summer class).
  • You do not enroll yourself in the class for this research experience. The Office of Study Abroad will do this for you after you have completed the HogsAbroad application.

500 words maximum.

Tell us how your selected program will specifically impact your individual academic experience, your honors research, attainment of your professional goals and/or your job marketability in ways that aren't possible in the United States.

Focus on impacts that are specific to you but not to all students. For example, since personal growth from experiencing different cultures is true for all students, you would not include this in your essay.

  • 1000 characters maximum
  • To the best of your ability, explain what research components or professional skills this internship provides. Explain what responsibilities you will have in this internship.

Provide the name and email address of the head of your department. Your department is that of your primary major. If you are awarded funding, we will notify your department head of your intended travel plans.

Use the Honors College International Internship Budget Worksheet. Estimate your expenses as best you can. Once you have completed the worksheet, schedule a meeting with  the Office of Study Abroad to discuss your budget. Study Abroad will help finalize your estimates. Their office will then upload the budget to your Hogs Abroad Portal. You do not need to submit this budget worksheet with your grant application. However, if you fail to meet with the Office of Study Abroad and get your budget approved and uploaded prior to the grant deadline, your application will be considered incomplete and will not be considered.

The worksheet will guide you through estimating:

  • Tuition
  • Airfare or mileage
  • Public transportation at the destination, if applicable
  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • International Health Insurance
  • Study Abroad Service Fee
  • Immunizations, if applicable
  • Any other relevant costs


You will also provide a list of other funding sources that you have to help pay for the travel, including:

  • SURF or Honors College Research Grant
  • Fellowship or scholarship funds
  • Departmental or college funds
  • Mentor Funds
  • Personal funds
  • Other sources of funding that may be available
  • Complete all Phase 1 items in the HogsAbroad Internship, Research, and Independent Study Abroad application
  • Once all Phase 1 items are complete, forward the pre-acceptance email confirmation from STAB Office to by the grant deadline (two months before travel OR March 1 if traveling in the summer). 
  • If you fail to complete all of the Phase 1 items by the deadline, your application will be incomplete and will not be considered.
  • Ask your research faculty mentor to complete the International Internship Recommendation Form. Let your mentor know that s/he will receive an email from with instructions on how to submit their recommendation form, once you have submitted the application.
  • The application will ask you to provide the name, title and email addresses of the faculty member mentoring your research. Once you have submitted your application, your mentor will automatically receive an email with the link to the recommendation form. The email asks them to submit the recommendation form within 3 business days of receiving the email. If your mentor would like to fill out the recommendation form early - before you have submitted your application - you can email Chelsea Hodge at, and she will email the link to your mentor. 
  • Your mentor will need to verify that this internship is a legitimate program and will benefit you academically and professionally.

Important Tips: 

  • Contact your mentor early - these forms are important and require information about you, your research and your proposed travel.
  • Refer your mentor to Recommendation Guidelines.

Prepare a single document in PDF format that includes, in this order:

  1. Academic Resume
  2. Current Transcript
  3. Internship Impact Essay

Note: Please make sure your combined PDF file is under 10MB. Your application will not submit properly if your document is larger than this. 

The form will prompt you to upload the PDF document and your Excel cost sheet.

The online form will prompt you to upload your budget form and enter the following information directly onto the form:

  • Internship Information
  • Course Selection
  • Research Components and Deliverable

Work on the written components of the application in a Word document that you can save. Once you are ready to apply, you can copy and paste those components into the application.


Fill out and submit the International Internship Grant application.

Questions? Please contact Chelsea Hodge at or 479-575-3127.

Congratulations! You got the Honors College International internship Grant!

Read the information below carefully so that you fully understand what you need to do to ensure your funding.

To accept your grant, please complete and submit the  International Internship Grant RSVP form.

Complete all Phase 2 items in the HogsAbroad portal. Once these are completed, you will receive a confirmation email. Forward this email confirmation from STAB Office to by April 1 for summer and fall;  October 1 for Spring

  • Note: Phase 2 items should be worked on as soon as possible. Don’t wait until March 31st to submit your final budget and Enrollment Form for UofA credit.
  • Work with the Office of Study Abroad to register your international course(s) and buy international health insurance and emergency travel assistance.
  • Failure to complete these items with the Office of Study Abroad will result in termination of your funding.
  • You must complete the grant RSVP form and submit the confirmation email that you have completed Phase 2 items before your grant funds can be distributed.
  • The Honors College will check your GPA and honors hours before posting any funds to you. To qualify for funding, you must be an active member in good standing with the Honors College, including maintaining the 3.5 cumulative GPA (3.33 for Architecture students after their fifth semester) at time of application, award, and departure. You must also have completed 6 hours of honors courses on this campus and have every intention of completing the honors program.
  • Funds will be posted to your UAConnect account at the beginning of the term in which the internship is taking place.
  • Funds will be applied toward your UAConnect account and will be released only if there is no outstanding balance (i.e. U of A charges for tuition/fees, library/DPS fines, Health Center charges, etc.) at the university.
  • Funding will be terminated if you decide not to do the internship, drop below full-time status, or drop out of the Honors College.
  • You must agree to all conditions of the grant.
  • The Honors College International Internship Grant can only be used for the proposed program and term, unless a change is approved by the Honors College. If you change programs, change course plans, or drop a course, you must contact the Honors College immediately.
  • You must maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA (3.33 for Architecture students after their fifth semester) at time of departure in order to receive the funding.
  • When accepting this award, you agree to share your research experiences through our Honors College blog at least once, with a photo. You also agree to complete a report submitted within two weeks of the grant period ending date. Visit Internship Grant Documentation for more details on blogging and reporting. Failure to submit the documentation materials will result in your grant funds being revoked.
  • You must uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and student conduct, which are expected of all honors students.
  • You must have every intention of completing the honors program, and will do so to the best of your ability.
  • Failure to abide by these conditions will result in your grant funds being revoked.
  • You must file at least one Honors-College-approved blog entry and digital photograph of yourself within two weeks after the end of the funded period. 
  • You must also submit a 3-5 page written report.
  • Report, blog(s), and photo(s) must conform to the formats and submission directions provided on the International Internship Grant Documentation page of this website.
  • Do not put confidential information or export controlled information in reports or blogs.
  • You must consent to and authorize the use of and reproduction by the University of Arkansas, of any and all descriptions, photographs or other documents related to the funded research, for educational and promotional purposes.
  • You must uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and student conduct, which are expected of all honors students.
  • You must have every intention of completing the honors program, and will do so to the best of your ability.


Questions? Contact Chelsea Hodge at or 479-575-3127.