Annual Report for Fellows

Required  for all Honors College and Bodenhamer fellows. To submit, prepare materials outlined below, then fill out the Fellows Annual Report form

Deadline: Two weeks before fall semester begins.
Your report must be approved by the Honors College before your funding will be distributed.

Annual Report 

Format: Your annual report should be submitted in a Word document with no header or footer – no PDFs please!  Total word count should range from 800 to 1,000 words.

Tell us the story of this past year – your favorite courses and projects, challenges met, failures and what you learned from them. We want to hear about your research, study abroad experiences, internships, and any extracurricular or leadership activities. Big picture: show us the impact of your fellowship and what you’re accomplishing here at the University of Arkansas.

Be sure to include the following:


  • Your name (nickname if you prefer)
  • Major(s) and minor(s), if applicable
  • Expected U of A graduation date
  • Hometown
  • Parents' names
  • Awards received

Highlights from the past year (300-word minimum in narrative form)

  • Courses that were especially interesting or challenging
  • Research updates
  • Conferences or research trips
  • Publications
  • Service work
  • Study abroad
  • Internships,  co-ops, or special jobs
  • Honors and special recognition
  • Summer activities

Plans for upcoming year (250-word minimum)

  • Courses (comments are welcome)
  • Campus and community engagement
  • Special academic programs
  • Study abroad or future study abroad plans (if not immediate)
  • National or state scholarship application plans (SURF, Truman, Rhodes, Marshall, Gates, Goldwater, etc.)
  • Research plans - juniors and seniors should be more detailed in their responses. Seniors, please include a section about your honors thesis. Include your topic, your mentor, and your committee members if you know them.
  • Seniors, tell us about your plans, post-degree. Looking at graduate or professional schools? Tell us where you plan to apply. 
  • Concerns (if any)

Updated Resume

And photos!

  • Submit at least three print-quality, high-resolution digital photos (JPG or TIFF) related to your research, service and creative work. Each JPG or TIFF file should be at least 1 MB.
  • Studied abroad? We'd love to get a photo of that experience as well. Please note that photos submitted for your annual report should differ from those submitted as documentation for a study abroad grant. 
  • Be sure to send images as separate files (not embedded in a Word document).
  • Be sure you're in the photos!  Check out these photo tips
  • See the form for instructions on uploading your photos.