International Internship Grant Documentation

International internship grant recipients are required to submit a blog post, photograph and report.

How: Fill out the International Internship Documentation form.

When: You should submit materials within two weeks of the end of the grant period.  We will review and use as needed for Honors College presentations, publications and the Honors College blog.

Blog post

Length: between 500 and 1,000 words

Describe the location and nature of your internships. Then, share the details about your internship experience:

  • What were the tasks or major responsibilities of your internship?
  • What went right (and what, if anything, went wrong).
  • What you learned about your field (and about yourself).
  • What’s next for you?
  • Please include your name, major(s) and any minor(s) so that we can properly identify you.

Of course, we’d be thrilled in the event that you’d like to blog on an ongoing basis. Contact Kendall Curlee and she’ll set up an account for you.


  • Submit one high-resolution, print-quality digital photo (JPG or PNG; use the highest resolution setting available on your camera). If possible we'd prefer an action shot of you working at your internship.
  • Be sure to submit image as a separate file (not embedded in a Word document). You can upload one photo on the form; feel free to submit more to  

Written report

You have two options for the written report. If your internship contributed directly to your honors thesis, prepare a research report. Otherwise, prepare a reflective essay.

Report should be 3-5 pages.

In addition to the details requested in your blog post (and yes, it’s okay to reuse content from your blog post in your report), be sure to address these questions:

Research Report

  • Introduction: Give a detailed summary of the research project you pursued during this internship
  • Literature Review: Provide an overview of the literature you used for your research focus during the internship.
  • Methods: Describe the methods you undertook for the research or a description of your day-to-day work while at the internship.
  • Results: Describe what discoveries and conclusions you made. How will they contribute to your honors thesis?
  • If you produced any deliverables for your internship (i.e. forms, user manuals, employee guides, etc.), please include these as well. These will not be counted toward the 3-5 page minimum.

 Reflective Essay

  • How did you apply the knowledge learned from your coursework to your internship?
  • In what ways was your knowledge insufficient for what was needed in this international context?
  • During your internship, did you encounter any challenges? How did you solve them? Please provide some examples.
  • Were any of these challenges specific to the fact that this internship took place abroad? How did you handle that difference to solve the problem?
  • Summarize the major things you learned from your internship.
  • What is your overall experience with your internship?
  • How did this experience alter your view of the world? Of yourself?
  • Did this experience alter your plans for your future career? Your personal goals?

Questions about international internship grant documentation? Contact Chelsea Hodge at or 479-575-3127.