Conference/Workshop Travel Grant

Water Hogs group shot at research conference with bike

You've been invited to present your research at a conference in New York City but your no-frills, mac-and-cheese budget won't cover the airfare, much less the conference registration fee.

We can help! The Honors College competitively awards Conference/Workshop Research Travel grants to honors students. You can request travel funds to:

  • Present a paper, serve on a panel, present a poster or make another type of official presentation at a conference, workshop or symposium
  • Participate in an interactive workshop or symposium related to your research



  • You must be an honors student in good standing with the honors program in the college or school of major, including the minimum 3.50 cumulative GPA (3.330 minimum for architecture students after their 5th semester). This includes maintaining the minimum GPA at time of application, award, and departure.
  • You must be an active Honors College member and an undergraduate at time of application and travel.
  • You must have a minimum of 6 completed honors credit hours taken at the University of Arkansas prior to application. (Note: Some exceptions may be made for transfer students with more than 60 hours from their transfer institution. Contact Dr. Jennie Popp at to discuss.)
  • You must be enrolled as a regular full-time student in a course of study during the academic year.
  • If you are presenting your work at a conference, your presentation must already be accepted by the conference before you apply for a Conference/Workshop Travel Grant.
  • Students found responsible for academic integrity violations or violations of the Code of Student Life are not eligible to apply for or receive Honors College grants for at least one year after being sanctioned.
  • Students may receive one Conference/Workshop Travel Grant per academic year.

Reviewers will consider:

  • Quality of your proposal
  • Strength of your mentor letter of support
  • Your existing scholarships, financial aid, and other outside source funding that can be applied to the travel
  • Academic relevance to your research, educational and professional goals
  • Your progress in and commitment to your honors program of study
  • Travel cost
  • Amount of funding requested
  • Availability of funds
  • Impact of travel – must be significantly higher than any previously funded travel
  • Number of previous Honors College grants awarded - preference may be given to students not funded before
  • Amounts vary depending on the type of travel, the relevance and impact to your professional and research goals, and the quality of your proposal.
  • These grants are highly competitive.
  • You are expected to leverage all of your other sources of funding, such as SURF grant travel funds, scholarships, and fellowship funds and any college or departmental funds, if available.
  • You must take advantage of student discounts for conferences or workshops.
  • You cannot use Honors College funds for rental cars. You can use your own car or public transportation (taxi, train, plane, bus, etc.).

Typical funding:

  • Domestic travel: up to $1,000
  • International travel: up to $1,500

Please note: If you receive this grant, you will receive the funds after you return from the conference/workshop and you've submitted the Conference/Workshop Grant Documentation. However, you may receive reimbursements for large expenses, such as airfare or conference registration, before travel, up to 75% of the grant.

The Honors College does not fund student travel to countries or specific destinations within a country listed with a Level 3 or 4 Travel Advisory by the U.S. State Department


Student Application Deadlines

Conference/Workshop Travel Grant proposals are due at least one month before your date of departure. You are welcome to apply earlier! Please note that review can take up to two weeks, so keep that in mind when deciding when to apply.

*Some exceptions may apply here –– for example, if your paper is accepted after the deadline. Contact Chelsea Hodge for more information.


Questions? Contact Dr. Jennie Popp at or 479-575-7381.

Required Application Materials
Prepare the following items, which must be submitted using the Conference/Workshop Travel Grant application form at least one month prior to your departure date. The Honors College now uses a grant submission system called InfoReady for the Conference Grant. Once you click the link, you will be prompted to log-in using your UARK credentials.

Prepare a resume following the formatting guidelines or your discipline and/or college. Your resume should be a succinct, compelling outline of your experience and academic work. 

  • 2 pages maximum.

Include these components:

  • Honors College status: It is vital that you prominently mention that you are a member of the Honors College in the education section. You should also list any relevant or particularly impactful honors coursework. If you have been awarded Honors College funding, such as a fellowship or study abroad grant, you should list these in the appropriate sections of your resume.
  • Education: GPA, degree plan, number of honors hours and total number of hours completed, and class standing (sophomore, junior, senior). Be sure to include your status as a member of the Honors College and/or as an Honors College Fellow in this section.
  • Research Experience: lab experience, presentations, posters, publications of any kind, projects underway.
  • Honors & Awards: scholarships, previous grant funding, other honors.
  • Relevant Experience: leadership experience, community service, work experience, significant hobbies.

Use the Academic Resume Checklist to make sure your resume is formatted correctly and includes the expected content.

We recommend that you review the online resume resources provided by the Career Development Center. Ask someone in the Career Development Center to review your resume before you submit it.

  • 500 words maximum.
  • Thoroughly describe the purpose of and justification for your intended travel, including your role, and the relevance and impact of this travel on your academics, research and professional goals.

Prepare a daily itinerary, including

  • Dates of travel
  • Note your activities for each day

Using the Honors College Proposed Travel Budget Form, prepare a travel budget that includes:

  • Total cost of transportation
  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Registration fees
  • Publishing and abstract fees
  • Any other relevant costs

Prepare a list of other funding sources that you have to help pay for the travel, including:

  • SURF or Honors College Research Grant
  • Fellowship or scholarship funds
  • Departmental or college funds
  • Mentor funds
  • Personal funds
  • Other sources of funding that may be available

You will include this list on the budget form.

Tell us why your research matters!

  • 3 sentences maximum.
  • Use language that a general audience can understand.
  • Think big picture!

Be ready to submit the following:

  • Official name of the meeting
  • Organizing body or professional society sponsoring the meeting
  • Accepted abstract
  • Co-presenters? Please list them
  • Internet address (URL) of the official web site or web pages for the meeting
  • Ask your research faculty mentor to fill out the Mentor Recommendation Form. Let your mentor know that s/he will receive an email from Dr. Jennie Popp, with instructions on how to login to InfoReady and submit their recommendation form. Your mentor will receive this email once you have submitted the application.
  • The application will ask you to provide the name, title and email addresses of the faculty member mentoring your research.
  • Provide the name and email address of the head of your department. Your department is that of your primary major. 

Complete the online Conference/Workshop Travel Grant application in InfoReady, the new grant system used by the Honors College. You will be prompted to log-in using your UARK credentials.

Questions? Contact Dr. Jennie Popp at or 479-575-7381.

Congratulations! The Honors College Conference/Workshop Travel Grant will help you conduct your research and share your findings with other professionals in your field.

What’s next? Before you travel you must:

To accept your grant, please complete and submit the Conference/Workshop Travel Grant RSVP form.

Once you've been awarded the grant, log in to your InfoReady account. Click on "Applications" in the top menu. Select your Conference/Workshop Travel Grant Application. Once open, click on "Progress Reports" in the menu on the right side of the page.  Upload the following documents, as applicable, to your report before your departure. Once your documents are uploaded, click "Finalize" under the Travel Registration Progress Report. This notifies the Honors College that you have submitted your documents.

  1. If traveling domestically: Visit the Student Travel Information web page and read the Student Travel Checklist and Policy, then fill out the following forms:
    1. Student Travel Notification Form. Submit to the Dean of Students, ADMN 325.
    2. Student Information Request Form. You will need three copies; submit one copy to your faculty mentor (your "sponsor"), one copy to the Dean of Students, ADMN 325, and one copy to the office of the dean of your college of enrollment (Fulbright College, Walton College, etc.). The dean of your college is not your honors program director. 
    3. Upload copies of both forms to your InfoReady account, after you have submitted them to the appropriate offices.
  2. If traveling internationally, fill out the Independent Student Travel registration form through the Office of Study Abroad. Upload the email confirmation of the Independent Student Travel form.


Submission to the Honors College is meant to confirm you have registered your travel. We will not forward any forms for you, nor does submitting to the Honors College replace submission to the Dean of Students, your mentor, the dean of your college, or the Office of Study Abroad, as applicable. You must submit all documents or your funding will be terminated.

The Honors College will purchase Travel Accident Insurance through the university's policy on your behalf. This insurance is based on your dates of travel. If your dates of travel change from those in your original application (even just by one day), please let us know ASAP at This insurance covers accidents, such as a slip and fall or a car accident. It is not health insurance and does not cover illness. For more information about the insurance and what it covers, contact the University of Arkansas Risk Management Office.

If you will be driving, fill out an Authorization to Operate Motor Vehicle Form and take to Risk Management, ADMN 321, at least 7 days prior to the trip to allow time for checking driver records. 

You will also need to complete the online driver safety module on HogSync (that link will only work if you have a HogSync account and are logged in). Once you've completed the module, your quiz will be graded and a verification that you successfully passed the quiz will be submitted via HogSync. Grading can take up to 5 business days, so do not wait until the last minute to complete the module. Upload a screen shot or PDF of your verification to your InfoReady progress reportalong with the travel registration documents.

In the research community, it's important to acknowledge your grant support: it speaks to the value of your research, and gives credit where credit is due. Visit the Credit Your Grant website for instructions on how to credit the Honors College for the research support you are receiving.

If you are presenting a poster at the conference, remember that the Honors College can print your poster for you (saving you about $40!). For instructions on how to submit and the deadlines, visit the Print Your Poster page

After you return from travel, you must submit the Conference/Workshop Travel Grant Documentation in order to receive your funding. Follow these steps:

  • Log on to InfoReady using your UARK credentials.
  • Click on "Applications" at the top of the page.
  • Select your Conference/Workshop Travel Grant application.
  • Select "Progress Reports" on the right side of the page.
  • Upload your blog post and photo. Click on the "Documentation" tab. Answer the two questions confirming you've uploaded your materials. Click "Finalize." This notifies the Honors College that you have submitted your documentation.
  • Once your documentation is reviewed and approved, funds will be posted to your UAConnect account when we receive your documentation. You may receive up to 75% of your funding in advance of your travel if you have a large up-front expense (such as a flight). To be reimbursed for a large up-front expense, you must email the receipt for your purchase to Dr. Jennie Popp at