Research Conference

The Honors Thesis, Explained

The Honors College thesis, which all honors students must complete before walking across the commencement stage, looms large in the imaginations of most of these students. Faculty members who are new to the honors experience may have a few questions about mentoring undergraduate research, as well.

To demystify the honors thesis process, from finding a topic to defending the thesis, the Honors College is hosting the third Honors College Research Conference from 10:00am-1:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 30 throughout the fifth floor of the Arkansas Union. Refreshments will be served!

The Honors College is partnering with honors directors from all six undergraduate colleges and schools across campus to organize this event. The event will consist of a series of breakout sessions that students can choose from, as well as series of tables that students can visit to get more information about important thesis prep resources. Poster presentations will feature outstanding thesis research from each honors program. If you are interested in learning more about the undergraduate research experience, conducting research, and publishing or presenting research, we encourage you to chat with the honors students!

For more information contact Jennie Popp, Ph.D., Associate Dean, at or 575-7381.


Conference Schedule:  Rooms to be announced in mid October

10:00am   -  Opening remarks 

10:10-10:40am   -  Session 1 

10:45-11:15am - Session 2

11:20-11:50am - Session 3

12:00-12:45pm - College Breakout Groups

10:00am-12:00pm - Info Tables


In each of the three sessions, we will offer six topics:

  • Intellectual property management (not just patents, but compositions, plays, etc) 
  • Choosing a mentor (general advice that is applicable to all colleges) 
  • Citation manager introduction 
  • The importance of and introduction to IRB 
  • APA citation style management 
  • MLA citation style management 


In the ballroom we will have posters, interactive opportunities, and information tables from 10:00 to noon. Tables will include information on:

  • Scholarworks 
  • Research  grants from the Honors College 
  • Inquiry Journal 
  • Discovery journal 
  • Mental health management through  the researchprocess 
  • Class +
  • Office of Nationally Competitive Awards 
  • Professional Development 


All honors students and faculty are invited to attend. For room scheduling purposes, students are asked to complete the  Honors College Research Conference Student RSVP  form by Monday, Oct. 28, at midnight.