Honors College Student Advisory Council

Want to make an impact on the Honors College?

The Honors College Advisory Council offers a select group of honors student leaders an opportunity to plan new programs, bring in speakers, manage honors ambassadors, and spread the word about the honors experience. Each member will play an active role in one of the following committees:

  • The Programming Committee will assist the Graduate Assistant for Programming in executing academic, social, service, and professional development programs for freshman and upperclassman honors students. The committee will be in charge of choosing and inviting guest lecturers, artists, and musicians to our campus. This committee will be expected to contribute ideas, give feedback, and offer hands-on help in preparing and executing programs. Applicants should demonstrate creativity, interest or experience in programming, and an ability to work on a team. Selected committee members will choose a program focus at the first committee meeting.
  • The Service Committee will help increase the service and social justice initiatives of the Honors College. This includes developing new volunteer events for Ambassadors and the entire Honors College that benefit the larger Northwest Arkansas community. The committee will assist in planning and executing service opportunities for honors students, as well as the Pulse programs. Applicants should demonstrate leadership skills and experience in both planning and taking part in service.

Great leadership experience? Yes.

Great resume item? Yes.

Time commitment? Yes: The council as a whole will meet one to two times a year. Committees may meet as often as once a week (less during less busy times of the year); there will be some evening responsibilities.

Applications will open in April for the following school year.

Contact Katie Wilson.