On Display


oil pastel painting of a flower

Work by Monica Moore
Honors Advisor for Student Success and Retention/Honors College

“Artistic play" is at the heart of the oil pastels I’ve chosen to display here. Though the word "play" most often evokes images of recreation and sport, such as friends playing baseball, soccer, a board game, or bridge, my concept of play includes images that fuse the beauty of natural flora captured through technology and transformed by digital photography and whimsical editing.

As such, my artistic play unfolds in three phases: First, I photograph a floral scene, possibly an ensemble of wild flowers, a single blossom in my garden, or even a cluster of fresh cut flowers arranged in a bouquet. Second, I edit the digital photograph, searching for hidden patterns of beauty not initially visible to the naked eye. Third, the digital image becomes a source of inspiration for how I might further unleash and enhance the beauty of the original image. When it finally feels just right, I articulate my impression of that image in an oil pastel painting. These works are the third and final step in my process of artistic play.

As you can see in “Luminary Rose-BLUE,” there are times when my oil pastel rendering of the digital image attempts to preserve most of what I saw on the screen. In other examples, such as “Cool Gladiola,” my imagination carried me far afield so that the original flower design recedes into the background. In this space of “play,” I allowed myself the freedom to deviate markedly from what I saw on the computer screen.

Can you still imagine the flower that inspired my more abstract renderings?

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