On Display


Handmade zine is open to a page spread with drawing and collaged text.

Work by Olivia Fredricks
Honors BFA in Studio Art & Honors College Fellow

Olivia Fredricks is drawn to narrative forms such as handmade books and zines; sharing these stories is key to her creative process. This past summer she had the opportunity to study Japanese paper making and printmaking in Japan, where she participated in residencies at the Awagami Paper Factory and the Mokuhanga Innovation Laboratory. Upon her return she had a chance to process this experience in a book arts workshop at the Penland School of Crafts. Fredricks reflects on the experience of being a "stranger in a strange land" in works that explore self-identity, voyeurism, and the stories inherent to objects found, created and passed on. 

To accompany her exhibit, Olivia is giving away free fortunes and zines, "an offering to the viewer" that represents the  give-and-take of objects and experiences.

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