On Display


Gif file shows hands folding up a piece of paper with architectural fragments  pictured on it.

Work by Sean P. Morrissey
Assistant Professor, School of Art/J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences  

The North American suburban landscape and lifestyle incites my investigation of domestic space, land use, and consumerism. The cultural obsession with the "dream home" is what attracts me to this landscape and fuels me to question our role in these idealized everyday spaces. I emphasize these areas of banal architecture and ornamentation to enhance the feeling of sameness. The repetition of indistinguishable architectural and decorative elements mimics the monotonous and overwhelming nature of the suburban terrain and the interest in adaptation. This unimaginative replication of housing contradicts the desire to achieve a unique identity by providing a false sense of individuality through predetermined design choices.

I am attracted to the repetitive visual patterns of these suburban spaces and appropriate the endless rhythm of this landscape through the repetition of generic forms and dense groupings of architectural elements. I distill this information into a basic visual language inspired by my personal history with zoning, geography, and land use. My aesthetic originates from the flatness and simplicity of cartographic design, informational graphics, and architectural illustration used in these areas. In my own work, I use the same approach for the clear readability of subjects. The sterile forms and structures within my work are removed from their context to communicate discomfort with this new non-space and a constantly developing landscape.

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