Faculty Equipment and Technology Grants


Honors College Faculty Equipment and Technology Grants are designed to help clinical, tenured, and tenure-track faculty individually, or in teams, purchase specialized equipment or technology to support, advance, and promote undergraduate research and honors student researchers at the University of Arkansas. Grants will be awarded only for equipment and technology that will result in transformational impacts.

The goal of these grants is to enhance the quality and involvement of undergraduate honors research by helping faculty make a transformational difference in their undergraduate research programs. The impact of the grants should include adding depth or breadth to the students’ research, involving more honors student researchers, creating the opportunity for interdisciplinary student research, embedding research into teaching, or some other transformational impact. These grants are awarded competitively.

Successful grant proposals must clearly explain how the equipment and/or technology purchased will benefit students via honors instruction, undergraduate research, or both.



Grants will be awarded once per fiscal year.

The deadline is September 20, 2019.

Limit of one application from a lead applicant per deadline. A faculty member can be on multiple applications, but can only serve as a team leader on one application per deadline. Individuals working with honors students who are not clinical or tenure track faculty may serve on a team proposal where a clinical or tenure track faculty is the lead. All applicants must seek approval from their Department Heads/Chairs to apply.

Multiple equipment and/or technology item requests that are related to the same goal should all be requested on one application, not a separate application for each item.

Our grants are competitively awarded, and your proposal, if awarded, may not be funded in its entirety. We will consider requests up to $5,000. To apply for a grant, complete the application by the stated deadline.

The lead applicant on a team must be a clinical, tenured, or tenure track full-time faculty member. Additional co-applicants can be faculty of any title and can be in a tenured, tenure-track or non-tenure-track position. These grant funds are specifically intended for those serving as lead mentors for undergraduate honors student researchers.

If awarded, you may use your Faculty Equipment and Technology grant to purchase the following, provided that they make a transformational impact on honors student research:

  • Specialized lab equipment or equipment upgrades, plus related installation costs
  • Specialized computer software essential for the student research
  • One-time or short-term database subscriptions
  • Computers, iPads and their accessories that will make a transformational impact on honors student research
  • Research related DVDs, videos or other media
  • Outside lab testing
  • Other equipment and technology that will transform your research related to honors students

Sorry, you cannot spend these grant funds on:

  • Cell phone equipment and accessories (including service charges), regardless of usage
  • General purpose consumables, such paper towels and chemicals routinely used in a lab
  • Office furniture
  • Clothing
  • Items that are typically general office equipment, even when used in research, such as printer ink, binders, and general lab supplies
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Lab animals
  • Testing subject fees
  • Food and drink
  • Salary, hourly pay or stipends for employees or students
  • Honorariums of any kind
  • Equipment and technology that is not transformational to honors student research

Please contact the Honors College before submitting your proposal if you are unsure whether an item is an allowable expense.

If you have a question about whether a purchase is eligible, please contact Jennie Popp (jhpopp@uark.edu) or Lynda Coon (llcoon@uark.edu). 

Application approvals required prior to submitting an application: 

  • Department chair(s) and dean(s) of the faculty must approve the application
  • Applications involving equipment or technology that cannot be housed within the faculty members’ current laboratory space must be approved by the dean or the associate dean for research in the faculty member’s college where the space will be provided
  • Cost-sharing must be pre-approved by those providing financial support
  • If the equipment or technology will need maintenance or other costs beyond the initial purchase, the financial commitments for these costs will need to be determined prior to application
  • Applications do not require any letters showing support, but names and contact information for the supporters mentioned above will be submitted during the application and will be confirmed prior to award

Purchase and Ownership

For funded applications, purchases must be initiated in BASIS by the lead faculty member’s department. Equipment purchased will be the property of the lead faculty member’s academic department. Any maintenance, upgrades or troubleshooting will be the responsibility of the home departments of participating faculty who agreed prior to application and those identified and confirmed in the application as financially supporting the associated maintenance costs.

Questions? Contact Jennie Popp at jhpopp@uark.edu


Required Application Materials
Prepare the Required Application Materials detailed below and then fill out the online Faculty Equipment and Technology Grant Application. (Please note: If you are applying for this grant with other faculty members, only ONE application should be submitted. If you are applying for multiple items for a related purpose, please submit only one application for all of the items.)

Create a PDF of your CV (2-page maximum) if you are applying on your own. If multiple faculty members are participating in the grant application, prepare a single PDF that combines a 2-page maximum CV for each faculty member. Each CV should include the following information:

  • Summary of honors involvement
  • Recent relevant publications, limited to the last 5 years
  • List of honors student researchers supervised over the last 5 years and their project titles

Create a brief statement in 2 to 5 sentences that explains the importance and impact of your research in language understandable to a general audience. This will be entered directly into the form.

Create a 2-page (maximum) statement explaining your research in more detail and describing the impact of the equipment and/or technology on the applicant(s)' research. This will be uploaded to the form, together with the Student Impact Statement.

Create an additional 1-2 page (maximum) statement providing all of the following information:

  • Explain how current and future honors students will be involved and impacted by the grant
  • Provide the expected number of current honors students, other undergraduate students, and graduate students directly impacted by the proposed equipment and technology
  • Explain how the grant will enhance teaching, if applicable
  • Propose a documentation and dissemination plan, with timeline, that will provide information on the transformational impact of the grant on honors student research

The student impact statement and the expanded research statement documents should be submitted as one file, not to exceed 4 pages.

Complete the Proposed Equipment and Technology Budget spreadsheet detailing the:

  • Cost of the equipment or technology
  • Cost of taxes, shipping, and installation, as applicable
    • Taxes are generally charged by the vendor. If no tax is requested by the vendor,  please verify with your department that your items are truly tax free. Otherwise include the value of the current “state use tax” on the tax line in the budget. (State use taxes are applied by UA after purchases are made).   
  • Amount of funding requested
  • Departmental or other cost-sharing sources, if applicable, including amount committed, as well as names and email addresses of people providing the additional funding

Obtain a quote, web link or other means of providing detailed information about the equipment and its related cost(s)

Create a budget narrative that includes an explanation for all item(s) and costs shown in the budget

Ensure that approval commitments are in place: 

  • Prior approval needs to be secured for the application from the department dean, college dean, cost sharing sources, and other appropriate people
  • The college research associate dean or dean must commit to providing additional space if the items cannot be housed in the applicant's current research space

Fill out the online Faculty Equipment and Technology Grant application.

Questions? Contact Jennie Popp at jhpopp@uark.edu or (479)575-2279.

 Congratulations - you got the grant! Here are the important next steps:

  1. Formally accept the grant.
  2. Connect your BASIS purchasing person to the Honors College's director of finance (for director of finance contact info, visit our directory).
  3. Complete all purchases and close all transactions no later than June 30th of the fiscal year of the award.
  4. Submit an end-of-year impact report, including photos, to the Honors College no later than June 30th of the fiscal year of the award.
  5. Submit a blog post with photo(s) before March 30th of the fiscal year of the award. These materials will be considered for use on the Honors College website, the Honors College Blog or other promotional materials. 
  6. Fulfill documentation and dissemination plans provided in the application.