Research Team Grant

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The Honors College Team Research Grant supports faculty members who supervise research teams of up to four students (in one or across multiple disciplines) to oversee the completion of a multi-objective thesis project. There can be a maximum of two faculty members and four students in one grant proposal. A faculty member must mentor at least two students to qualify for this grant, but no more than four.

We seek interdisciplinary projects that benefit from several different perspectives. 

Example 1: Arkansas Spa Towns. A history professor who focuses on public health partners with pre-med students interested in the history of medicine and Arkansas' past. The team studies a cache of documents in the University of Arkansas' Special Collections, as well as repositories in Eureka Springs and Hot Springs. Together they explore the nineteenth-century notion of "therapeutic relaxation" from a variety of scholarly angles, including the invention of "vacation," the technology of healing in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century America, and the social and economic history of Arkansas' spa communities. 

Example 2: Impact of a New Blackberry. A U of A horticulture professor has developed a new blackberry, sweet and juicy, that yields fruit in the first year after planting, skipping the usual year-long wait. The potential is tremendous, but raises further questions: Could selective shading produce fruiting in the fall, for higher quality? What would be the economic impact of introducing the new cultivar? And what would changes to harvest timing mean for agricultural laborers?

Good research produces more questions than answers - and the new Honors College Research Team grant is designed to support faculty exploring multidisciplinary topics with several undergraduate students. 

For a quick, printable overview of key application requirements, check out the Research Team Grant Quick Facts Sheet.

Clinical faculty, tenured/tenure-track faculty, and non-tenure track research professors are all eligible to apply for Research Team Grants.

Research Team Grants can be proposed by a single faculty mentor or a team of two faculty mentors.

  • Option One: One Faculty Mentor
    • One faculty mentor may mentor 2, 3, or 4 students.
  • Option Two: Two Faculty Mentors
      • Two faculty members may partner for this grant.
      • Each faculty member must mentor 2 students, meaning 4 students total will work on the project funded by the grant.

Faculty members will nominate students to be on the teams. However, each nominated student must meet the following criteria:

  • Students must be members of the Honors College in good standing in the college or school of the major. Good standing includes having a 3.50 cumulative GPA (3.33 minimum for architecture students after their fifth semester) at the time of the Team Research Grant application and during the time the research is being conducted.
  • Students must have completed a minimum of 6 honors credit hours at the University of Arkansas prior to the semester of application
  • Students participating in a Research Team Grant may not also have an active SURF or Honors College Research Grant at the same time.
  • Students found responsible for academic integrity violations or violations of the Code of Student Life are not eligible to apply for or receive Honors College grants for at least one year after being sanctioned.

Student stipends are $750 for a one-semester project and $1500 for a multiple-semester project. Stipends are given to support research conducted and completed during the grant period. The award is capped at $1500 per student for an entire twelve-month period.

Faculty mentors will receive stipends of $750 per student. These are given to the mentor associated with that student as defined in the application. These funds will be deposited in a mentor account designated for guiding students through the research process and for materials (research equipment, books, copying, etc.).

Application Deadline

The next deadline is October 30, 2020.


Ready to apply? Click on the "Apply" tab at the top of the page for detailed instructions and a link to the application form.


Questions? Contact Dr. Jennie Popp at or 479-575-7381.

Required Application Materials

Prepare the following items, which must be submitted using the Research Team Grant application form by the appropriate deadline.

Provide a CV for the application's Lead Faculty Member.

  • 2 pages maximum including the following information:
    • Name, department
    • Brief statement of research/scholarly interests
    • List of recent publications (last 5 years)
    • List of undergraduate advisees and undergraduate thesis projects directed (last 5 years)
    • Other relevant information (as space allows)

If the application includes a second faculty mentor, submit his or her name, department, title/rank, and a list of undergraduate advisees and undergraduate thesis projects directed in the last five years.

For each student include the following information:

  • Name
  • UARK Email
  • ID Number
  • If there are two mentors on the grant, indicate which mentor will manage each student

You will not need to list the students' GPA and honors hours completed. However, be sure that each student has the requisite 3.5 GPA and 6 completed hours of honors credit.

Create a statement in 3 to 5 sentences that explains the importance and impact of research in language understandable to a general audience. 

Submit a 1-page summary (single spaced) of the proposed project highlighting the individual research questions to be addressed by each student. This summary should explicitly state the link across the students’work, providing the justification for the research team status

Submit a research description of 4-6 pages. Follow these guidelines:

  • For teams of 2 students, 3-page minimum.
  • For teams of 4 students, 5-page minimum.
  • Provide the justification for the research, the overarching purpose of the project, and the reason this project qualifies for “research team” status.  
  • State the number of students (2-4) being included in this research. 
  • For each student identify the research question and the methods the student will follow to address this research question. 
  • List expected results of the project (by research question) and the expected benefits of the project when finished. 

The application form will ask you to indicate the deliverables expected from the results of the students' work (i.e. fulfill honors program thesis requirements, conference paper presentation, conference poster presentation)

The timeline should include:

  • Schedule for completing their research (provide timelines for each student if different)
  • Timeline for other deliverables (thesis completion, professional presentations, etc). It is understood these dates may be outside of the grant time frame. 

Ready to Apply? Fill out the Research Team Grant Application
Questions? Please contact Dr. Jennie Popp at or 479-575-2279.



Congratulations! The Honors College Research Team Grant will allow your students to conduct their research. Please carefully read the information below.


  • Students must complete grant acceptance forms before stipend funds can be distributed. 
  • Students must agree to all conditions of the grant.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time in the semester they will receive funds.
  • Students or the faculty lead must complete any required research compliance protocols before research funds will be posted.
  • Once the paperwork and compliance are completed, students' research grant stipends will be deposited in their UAConnect account on a monthly basis, beginning in the month the Honors College receives all approvals and continuing through the end of the semester.
  • ImportantFunds will be applied toward students' UAConnect accounts and will be released only if there is no outstanding balance (i.e. U of A charges for tuition/fees, library/DPS fines, Health Center charges, etc.) at the university.
  • Funding will be terminated if you discontinue the project at any time, drop below full-time status, drop out of the Honors College, or do not meet the research mentor's expectations.
  • The Honors College Research Grant can only be used for the research project in the funded proposal.
  • To receive funding, students must, in the semester when funded, be an active member in good standing with the Honors College, including maintaining the 3.5 cumulative GPA (3.33 for Architecture students after their fifth semester).
  • Significant research timeline deferrals or extensions or changes in students' research project must be approved by the faculty mentor and the Honors College.
  • When accepting this award, students must agree to share their research experiences through our Honors College blog at least once per semester, with a photo. They also agree to complete a report submitted within two weeks of the grant period ending date. Visit Research Grant Documentation for more details on blogging and reporting. Failure to submit the documentation materials will result in their grant funds being revoked.

 It is the faculty member's responsibility to ensure all research compliance protocols are submitted and that each student taking part in the project is listed on the protocol. The Honors College will not post any funds to students until research compliance approval is received.

 The faculty leader will submit documentation at the end of the grant period:

  • Your name, department, and college.
  • Number of students participating in each semester of funding
  • Brief overall objective of the grant
  • Brief summary of results
  • Description of overall satisfaction with the process.

Each student on the team will submit documentation at the end of each semester of funding:

  • One blog post and photo for each semester funded
  • A 3-5 page written report at the end of the last semester of funding
  • Visit Research Grant Documentation for all of the details