Research Team Grant

The Honors College Team Research Grant supports faculty members who supervise research teams of up to four students (in one or across multiple disciplines) to oversee the completion of a multi-objective thesis project. There can be a maximum of two faculty members and four students in one grant proposal. A faculty member must mentor at least two students to qualify for this grant, but no more than four.

Clinical faculty, tenured/tenure-track faculty, and non-tenure track research professors are all eligible to apply for Research Team Grants

Faculty members will nominate students to be on the teams. However, each nominated student must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an honors student in good standing in the college or school of the major. Good standing includes having a 3.50 cumulative GPA (3.33 minimum for architecture students after their fifth semester) at the time of the Team Research Grant application and during the time the research is being conducted.
  • Completed a minimum of 6 honors credit hours at the University of Arkansas prior to the semester of application
  • Studnets participating in a Research Team Grant may not also have an active SURF or Honors College Research Grant at the same time.
  • Students found responsible for academic integrity violations or violations of the Code of Student Life are not eligible to apply for or receive Honors College grants for at least one year after being sanctioned.


Student stipends are $750 for a one-semester project and $1500 for a multiple-semester project. Stipends are given to support research conducted and completed during the grant period. The award is capped at $1500 per student for an entire twelve-month period.

Faculty mentors will receive stipends of $750 per student. These are given to the mentor associated with that student as defined in the application. These funds will be deposited in a mentor account designated for guiding students through the research process and for materials (research equipment, books, copying, etc.).

Application Deadline

March 19th, 2018, 4:00pm


Questions? Contact Dr. Jennie Popp at or 479-575-2279


Provide a CV for the application's Lead Faculty Member.

  • 2 pages maximum including the following information:
    • Name, department
    • Brief statement of research/scholarly interests
    • List of recent publications (last 5 years)
    • List of undergraduate advisees and undergraduate thesis projects directed (last 5 years)
    • Other relevant information (as space allows)

If the application includes a second faculty mentor, submit his or her name, department, title/rank, and a list of undergraduate advisees and undergraduate thesis projects directed in the last five years.

For each student include the following information:

  • Name
  • ID Number
  • Number of Honors Hours Completed
  • Cumulative GPA
  • If there are two mentors on the grant, indicate which mentor will manage each student

Create a statement in 3 to 5 sentences that explains the importance and impact of research in language understandable to a general audience. 

Submit a 1-page summary (single spaced) of the proposed project highlighting the individual research questions to be addressed by each student. This summary should explicitly state the link across the students’work, providing the justification for the research team status

Submit a research description of 4-6 pages. Follow these guidelines:

  • For teams of 2 students, 3-page minimum.
  • For teams of 4 students, 5-page minimum.
  • Provide the justification for the research, the overarching purpose of the project, and the reason this project qualifies for “research team” status.  
  • State the number of students (2-4) being included in this research. 
  • For each student identify the research question and the methods the student will follow to address this research question. 
  • List expected results of the project (by research question) and the expected benefits of the project when finished. 

The application form will ask you to complete a table indicating the deliverables expected from the results of the students' work.

The timeline should include:

  • Schedule for completing their research (provide timelines for each student if different)
  • Timeline for other deliverables (thesis completion, professional presentations, etc). It is understood these dates may be outside of the grant time frame. 

 Ready to Apply? Fill out the Research Team Grant Application and submit it to Dr. Jennie Popp at

Questions? Please contact Dr. Jennie Popp at or 479-575-2279.