Forum: Flagship U!

Top administrator chats at a dining room table with three undergraduate students.

Calling all future leaders in the Honors College!

The Spring 2017 Honors College Forum, Flagship U! (EDST 399VH)  is aimed at students interested in leadership – whether in academe, a Fortune 500 company, public service or another endeavor. Flagship U! will offer an unparalleled opportunity for 14 undergraduate honors students to learn about leadership from Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz, who has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in academic leadership. The class will meet from 5-6:15 p.m. each Monday in Fowler House, Chancellor Steinmetz' home.

Once a week these honors students will convene around Chancellor Steinmetz' dining room table to discuss the most critical topics facing flagship campuses today. Each session of this one-hour course will be divided into two parts: "Academia in Review" and "Academic Expert." The first half involves discussion of news from flagship campuses; the second half spotlights administrative and faculty experts on key issues, including:

  • State Funding/Serving the State
  • Access and Affordability
  • Faculty vs. Administrators
  • Student Activism
  • Enrollment Planning/Honors Colleges and Programs
  • Academic Freedom/Freedom of Speech
  • Athletics, Academics, and the Flagship U
  • Title IX and the American Campus
  • Guns on Campus
  • Alcohol Use/Substance Abuse
  • Glass Ceiling/Diversity and Inclusion
  • Flagship U vs. Ivies, Small Liberal Arts and Faith-Based Colleges
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Disciplinarity vs. Interdisciplinarity
  • Future of the Land-Grant University 

Public Forum: All on campus and in the community are invited to a public forum led by Chancellor Steinmetz, "The Fate of the Flagship U," at 5:15 p.m. Wednesday, April 5, 2017, Gearhart Hall Auditorium (GEAR 26).

What's in it for you:

  • Deeply informed, "birds-eye" view of the state flagship campus
  • Opportunity to connect with and learn from campus leaders
  • One hour of honors course credit

What's required from you:

  • Coverage of the news at one flagship university
  • Research and presentation on one of the topics noted above
  • Newspaper-style editorials on key issues in higher education
  • Weekly attendance; sustained and thoughtful contribution to weekly discussion
  • Participation in open community events

Interested? Apply here. Sorry, enrollment for this course has closed. Watch for future Honors College Forums!

Questions? Contact Noah Pittman.