Nanotechnology Lab

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Nanotechnology holds tremendous promise for new applications in a wide range of industries, from consumer goods and electronics to medicine. 
The seven professors collaborating on
 this project engage honors undergraduates at all levels, from nanotechnology modules for freshmen and sophomore classes to hands-on research opportunities for juniors and seniors.

During this course students develop skills in several major areas of nanotechnology through a variety of laboratory experiments. Emphases are placed on nanoscale imaging, synthesis of nanomaterials, nanostructure assembly and manipulation, device and system integration and performance evaluation. The overall theme of the lab course is the integration of size-dependent properties and surface and interface effects at the nanoscale into devices and systems. Honors students pursuing research in nanotechnology may use the molecular beam epitaxy machine to grow nanostructures one atom at a time.

Course topics include:

• Imaging at the nanoscale

• Synthesis and characterization of colloidal Au nanoparticles

• Self-assembly of bio/abio hybrid nanostructures via controlled interfacing

• Experiencing scaling effects via nano composite MEMS devices

• Fabrication and testing of a single-walled CNT based field effect transistor Fabrication

• Fabrication of surfaces with extreme wettability

• Thermoplasmonic characteristics of self-assembled colloidal nanocomposites