Fellowship Weekend

female student is being interviewed at a round table

Fellowship Weekend 2020 is tentatively scheduled to take place on March 8-9.

All fellowship applicants will be notified by the evening of February 15 whether or not they have been invited to interview at Fellowship Weekend. The Honors College will arrange and pay for each interviewee's meals and lodging at the Chancellor Hotel in Fayetteville.

If you are invited to Fellowship Weekend, we strongly recommend that you read our assistant dean's Fellowship Weekend: 6 Tips blog post to help you prepare for everything from the writing exercise to your actual interview.

Important Information for Fellowship Weekend Finalists & Parents

We also answer some frequently asked questions below:

All finalists will be housed at the Chancellor Hotel in Fayetteville (70 North East Avenue; Fayetteville, AR 72701). Students will stay in double rooms with other fellowship candidates, so parents should make their own lodging arrangements. After check-in, buses will be available to finalists for traveling from the hotel to campus on Sunday evening and Monday morning. On Monday, students with cars or those traveling with parents should load their luggage in their own cars in the morning before leaving the hotel. For students without a car, a room in Gearhart Hall will be designated for storing luggage on Monday.

Parents - For parents and family members in need of accommodations, a block of rooms for family members has been made available. Please note that parents/family members will be responsible for paying for rooms in the Chancellor Hotel. To access the room rate, you can call the Chancellor Hotel at 479-442-5555. When you call, please inform the hotel that you wish to stay in the "Fellowship Weekend Parents' Block." You can also make an online reservation with the hotel.

The dress code for Sunday is comfortable and casual; jeans are fine. On Monday, most finalists in the past have dressed in professional attire, but that decision is left up to the student. We do recommend, however, that you dress in a manner that makes you feel confident, but won’t distract your interviewers.

It is important, but we consider all aspects of the selection process, including your academic performance, writing samples, letters of recommendation, and interviews.

Your interview will last 15 minutes. There will be three to five honors faculty and staff members on your interview panel.

  • Be sure to read Noah Pittman's Fellowship Weekend:6 Tips blog post.

  • Be yourself.

  • Answer the questions directly and openly, keeping your responses fairly brief and to the point.

  • Take time to think before you answer, and be sure to answer the questions you are asked. It's also okay to say you do not know.

  • If you have earned any additional achievements of awards since your submitted your fellowship application, feel free to share that with your interview committee or even bring an updated resume to share with the interviewers.

  • Do not try to tell the panelists what you think they might want to hear.

  • Let your interviewers take the lead in the interview.

  • Focus on your interests. There is no need to mention scores and grades in the interview, since we have that information at hand.

  • Enjoy yourself! The faculty members are delighted to have this chance to meet and get to know you. Everyone wants you to do well.

Parents are welcome, but not required, to attend. In fact, parent attendance will have no bearing on fellowship selection. Parents are responsible for their own accommodations, meals, and transportation. On Sunday evening, there will be a Information Session for parents to learn more about the fellowship award and the Honors College experience.

Prior to Fellowship Weekend, you will be able to sign-up for a time to write a timed essay from your computer. You will have 45 minutes to write about one topic that you choose and submit it back using an online form. Detailed instructions will be sent to all fellowship finalists. To prepare yourself for the essay, it is important to be familiar with "big picture" current events, both domestic and abroad.

Consider some of these sample questions - one of these might well be asked at your interview. Review your application, especially your essay and the three works you listed that you enjoyed reading this year. You should also be prepared to discuss the timed writing essay you submitted prior to Fellowship Weekend. Typically a few of the questions at the interview will come directly from the material you sent us. Participate in one or two 15-minute practice interviews with your friends, parents or teachers so that you will be comfortable with the interview setting. Ask them to help you keep your answers short and to the point. Make eye contact with the committee members as you speak.

You will be notified of fellowship status by email no later than the evening of March 15, 2019. Just FYI, we never send fellowship notification emails during the school day, so no need to worry about receiving one while you are in class.