Frequently Asked Questions about Study Abroad Grant

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Have questions about the Honors College Study Abroad Grant? We've got answers for you here.

Freshmen can apply for a grant to attend a summer or intersession program. In general, applicants must have at least 6 honors hours completed before they apply. However, there is an exception for first semester freshmen. To qualify, freshmen must take at least 3 honors hours in their first semester and an additional 3 honors hours by the end of their second semester. Here are two possible scenarios:

  • A freshman starting at the UA in Fall 2017 could take 3 honors hours in the fall and another 3 honors hours in the spring, and he or she would be eligible to apply by any of the deadlines (September 22, October 1, November 1, or February 1).

  • A freshman starting at the UA in Fall 2017 could take 6 honors hours in the fall and no honors hours in the spring, and he or she would be eligible to apply by any of the deadlines (September 22, October 1, November 1, or February 1).

Freshmen are not eligible to apply for grants to attend semester or academic year programs.

No, you may only submit one Honors College Study Abroad Grant application in each academic year (an academic year is July through June). You should choose your top study abroad program and then apply for a grant. 

No. To be eligible to apply for Honors College Grants, you must fulfill the honors hours requirement with honors classes taken at the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville.

You should consult your study abroad advisor, academic advisor, and faculty to determine which courses will be a good fit for your degree plan. Consult the "Course Credit Transfers" section of the Office of Study Abroad website for more information. Remember, a study abroad course could fulfill a major or minor degree requirement, a general education course, or an elective.

Yes! You do not have to choose a program that is in your major. However, you must be able to make a strong case for why the program you've chosen will help you academically, professionally, in your research, and/or your job marketability. If you cannot make a solid argument for why this specific program will help you in specific ways, you will not receive a grant.

You are not limited to faculty-led programs! You can apply for an Honors College grant for any UA Faculty-Led program, the UA Rome Center, UA Exchange programs, and any non-UA program that has been pre-approved by the Office of Study Abroad. Check out the Office of Study Abroad's webpage on External Programs to learn more about what non-UA programs are available. 

No, you may not use the Honors College Study Abroad Grant for internships. If your program is traditional coursework plus an internship, you must have enough traditional courses to be considered full time, not including the internship hours. If you are full time without counting the internship, you may apply a Study Abroad Grant to that program.

Honors College funding can be used for programs that include academic religious studies courses, such as those similar to the classes offered by the UA's Religious Studies Program. You may also use a grant for an academic program offered at a religiously affiliated university, such as the Catholic University of Paris. However, the intention of the Honors College grant is not to fund mission work. The Honors College reserves the right to decide whether a program fits these guidelines. If you are unsure about a program you are considering, it is important to contact the Honors College before you apply for the grant.

Yes, it is possible you may be waitlisted. Depending on the quality of the grant applications in later deadline cycles, you may be awarded a grant at a later time. In addition, if grants are declined, there may be additional funding to move you from waitlisted to funded. However, if you are waitlisted, we cannot guarantee that you will be notified about whether you are receiving funding before the program commitment deadline. Please contact Chelsea Hodge with any questions.

Not necessarily! It is possible for graduating seniors to study abroad the summer after their senior year. To do this, you must delay graduation until August. You will still get to "walk" in the May graduation, but your official graduation date will be August. This way, you will still be an enrolled undergraduate student throughout the summer, which is required both to study abroad and to receive funding from the Honors College. If this is something you are interested in, it is vital that you speak to the Office of Study Abroad and your Academic Advisor before making any decisions.

More questions? No worries: Contact Chelsea Hodge at or 479-575-3127 or Jennie Popp at or 479-575-2279

After you've been awarded a grant:

All study abroad grant recipients are required to submit a blog post and photos to document the impact of the grant on their experience. These materials should be submitted during your program abroad. The best writing and photography will be considered for publication in the Honors College blogA+, the Honors College Magazine; and other Honors College materials. For more information on documentation requirements and guidelines, visit our Study Abroad Grant Documentation page. To submit your documentation materials, simply fill out the Study Abroad Grant Documentation Submission Form.

Once a grant is awarded, you are not allowed to change programs unless circumstances beyond your control prevent you from attending your original program. These kind of circumstances include a program being cancelled, your visa is denied, you aren't accepted to a program, or something similar. You must get this program change preapproved by the Honors College. The Honors College will determine what is an acceptable reason to switch programs. If you need to switch programs, contact Chelsea Hodge and she will send you the Program Change Request Form.

Yes. Funding will be terminated if the student is removed from or drops out of the Honors College or if the student is no longer in good standing as an honors student. To be in good standing, you must maintain at least a 3.500 cumulative GPA (3.33 in Architecture after the fifth semester) at the time of travel. For instance, if you were awarded a grant to study abroad in Summer I, but your cumulative GPA at the end of the Spring semester is below a 3.5, you will not be awarded the funding.If you were a first-semester freshman or first-semester transfer student when you applied for the grant, you must have completed the requisite 6 honors hours by the end of your second semester. If you do not, you will not be awarded the funding.

Cost of attendance (COA) is a college's best estimate of the total cost of attending school for that term. This includes items such as tuition, room and board, books and supplies, personal expenses, and transportation. For terms spent studying abroad, COA is determined by the Office of Study Abroad's official budget for your program. Federal guidelines prevent students from receiving grants and scholarships over the COA. If you have several grants and scholarships for your study abroad program, it's possible that your Honors College Study Abroad grant will be reduced so that you do not go over the COA. If you have questions about COA, please contact the Financial Aid Office

When you are sent your award email, you will be told the exact amount of funding you will receive. This amount will only change in two situations:

You change study abroad programs. If you change programs for any reason, we will reevaluate your award amount. If your new program is more expensive, we will not increase your award amount. However, if your new program is less expensive, we may decrease your award amount.

You have so many grants and scholarships that you meet Cost of Attendance for your study abroad term. Federal guidelines prevent us from giving you more funding than Cost of Attendance. In a case where you have so many grants and scholarships that you meet Cost of Attendance, we may reduce your grant amount.

Your grant funds will be posted to your UAConnect account at the beginning of the term you are studying abroad. Honors College funds cannot be posted any earlier. It is your responsibility to pay for any upfront costs, such as a program deposit. The grant funds will only be posted after we have checked that your cumulative GPA is still at 3.500 or above (3.33 for architecture students after their fifth semester), that you have completed all requisite honors hours, and that you are enrolled in study abroad courses for that term.

More questions? No worries: Contact Chelsea Hodge at or 479-575-3127 or Jennie Popp at or 479-575-7381