needle is inserted into vial of COVID-19 vaccine

MAY 10-21, 2021

This forum zooms in on the race to develop a vaccine for the COVID-19 Coronavirus through a diversity of academic and professional disciplines: medicine, medical history, sociology, statistics, social media studies, public health, immunology, political science, industrial engineering, supply chain management, and chemical engineering. In so doing, the forum’s instructors situate the COVID-19 vaccine within a broader narrative of the science of immunization, the history of vaccines, the social and economic inequalities produced by deploying a vaccine, and the challenges presented to the global supply chain.  


  • Kaitlyn Akel (MPH, University of Michigan; Honors College Alumna)
  • Lindsey Aloia (Communication)
  • Bob Beitle (Chemical Engineering)
  • Burcu Bayram (Political Science)
  • Jyotishka Datta (Statistics)
  • David Dobrzykowski (Supply Chain Management)
  • Grant Drawve (Sociology)
  • Jeannine Durdik (Immunology)
  • Casey Harris (Sociology)
  • Kevin Fitzpatrick (Sociology)
  • Casey Kayser (Medical Humanities)
  • David McNabb (Biological Sciences)
  • Ashlea Milburn (Industrial Engineering)
  • Sarah Nurre (Industrial Engineering)
  • Angie Ohler (Library Science)
  • Brian Primack (Public Health)
  • Shannon Servoss (Chemical Engineering)
  • Huda Sharaf (Medical Director, University of Arkansas)
  • Trish Starks (History of Medicine)
  • Joe Steinmetz (Chancellor, University of Arkansas)
  • Shengfan Zhang (Industrial Engineering)