Academic Integrity and the Code of Student Life

The University of Arkansas expects all students to maintain the highest standards of intellectual honesty, appropriate behavior and individual integrity.

The Honors College monitors the conduct disciplinary standing and academic integrity status of all honors students and takes appropriate action for students not found in good standing. Please note that there are serious sanctions should you violate the university's Academic Integrity Policy and/or the Code of Student Life Policy.

Read the Academic Integrity Policy and the Academic Integrity Sanction Rubric. The latter document spells out the scoring for academic integrity violations.

  • For violation less than or equal to 0.5 sanction point, student receives a reprimand.
  • For violation(s) equal to 1 sanction point: student is removed from the Honors College permanently.
  • For violation(s) greater than 1 sanction point, a student is removed from the Honors College permanently, and if s/he has a fellowship, then the fellowship is permanently removed.

If found responsible for violations of the Code of Student Life or academic integrity, in addition to the U of A sanctions, honors students may

  • Be administratively removed from the Honors College
  • Have to repay funds if the conduct violation is associated with a grant, such as conduct during grant-funded study abroad or falsifying research data while receiving research grant funding

Understanding Plagiarism

Plagiarism - taking someone else's work or idea and representing it as your own - is one of the most common violations of the academic integrity policy. And plagiarism is not limited to words. Using data, computer code or images without attribution is plagiarism, too.


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