Faculty Awards

 Honors faculty work hard to support honors students! They write countless letters of recommendation, prepare honors courses and mentor honors students one-on-one. Some might spend a day putting nervous prospective fellows at ease in a series of interviews, while others review study abroad and grant applications.

To recognize faculty member's hard work and dedication, the Honors College has developed the Distinguished Faculty Award and the Distinguished Leadership Award. Each recipient receives a bronze medallion designed by sculptor (and honors alumnus) Hank Kaminsky.

Distinguished Faculty Award Distinguished Leadership Award

Paul Adams (2017)

Sidney Burris (2017)

Amy Farmer (2017)

Bryan Hill (2017)

Laurence Hare (2017)

Suzanne McCray (2017)

Kimberly Frazier (2016)

Nick Anthony (2016)

Roger Koeppe (2016)

Carol Gattis (2016)

Carl Smith (2016)

John Norwood (2016)

Vikas Anand (2015)

Claretha Hughes (2015)

Mack Ivey (2015)

Curt Rom (2015)

Timothy Muldoon (2015)

Ed Clausen (2014)

Laura Terry (2015)

Gary D. Ferrier (2014)

Lynda Coon (2014)

Maribeth Lynes (2014)

Christian Hofer (2014)

Bob McMath (2014)

Marcia Imbeau (2014)

Molly Rapert (2013)

David Fredrick (2013)

Kim Sexton (2013)

Charles Rosenkrans, Jr. (2013)

Javier Reyes (2012)

Robert Stapp (2013)

Nan Smith-Blair (2011)

Gisela Erf (2012)

Duane C. Wolf (2011)

Christa Hestekin (2012)

Hoyt Purvis (2012)

Kathleen Condray (2011)

Jamie Hestekin (2011)

T.K.S. Kumar (2011)

Timothy G. Nutt (2011)

Gretchen Oliver (2011)

Jennie Popp (2011)

Molly Rapert (2011)

Korydon Smith (2011)