Faculty Equipment and Technology Grant Year-End Report Guidelines

The purpose of the year-end report is to highlight the short term transformative impacts that this award has produced for honors students and to describe the expected impacts to be achieved in the future. Information provided in your report may be extracted and used for publicity purposes. You may submit your required documentation using our Faculty Equipment and Technology Grant Documentation formBelow are guidelines for the year-end report.


  • 2-5 pages text, plus pictures
  • 12 point times new roman font
  • One inch margins

Text Sections:

Grant Purpose

  • Explain how the purchase of this technology/equipment was expected to produce transformational impacts to the students and benefit the awardees' teaching and/or research program,.
  • 1-2 paragraphs

Transformational Impacts on Students Achieved

  • Include the number of students impacted, the form of impact (research, classroom learning, etc.), and student outcomes (thesis research, conference presentation, patent submissions, etc.).
  • 1-2 pages

Expected Future Impacts

  • Summarize expected future benefits (how will current and/or new honors students continue to benefit from this technology/equipment to be achieved over the next year and beyond). If no expected impacts beyond the first year, please explain why. 
  • 1-2 pages

Suggestions for Future Faculty Technology and Equipment Grant Calls (Optional)

  • Please provide any suggestions of what you think would make this grant call more impactful for honors students.


  • Please include at least one photograph (with caption including names, location, and description of activity) of students using technology/equipment.

The year-end report is due no later than June 30th of the fiscal year in which the grant was awarded. Please send any questions to Jennie Popp at jhpopp@uark.edu.