Faculty Equipment and Technology Grant Blog Post Guidelines

Recipients of the Faculty Equipment and Technology Grant are required to submit one blog post and high-resolution photograph by March 30th of the fiscal year of award. You may submit your required documentation using our Faculty Equipment and Technology Grant Documentation form. Below are guidelines for the post and photograph.

Blog Post:

Length is variable but should be at least 2 paragraphs/600 words and include the following:

  • Provide a 1-2 sentence summary of your research and why it matters. Use layman’s terms rather than highly technical language specific to your field.
  • Describe the equipment or software purchased with grant funds.
  • How does this new equipment or software impact your research?
  • If possible, provide a specific example of an undergraduate or group of undergraduates whose research has benefitted from the grant.


  • Provide at least one high-resolution, print-quality photo (JPG or TIFF file, at least 1 mb) that documents the impact of the grant.
  • This could be a shot of your team, including undergraduate researchers, using new equipment in your lab; your team presenting research supported by new software at a conference, etc.
  • We prefer photos that show the faculty member engaging with undergraduate students.
  • Bonus points if you’re able to tell a story with photos!
  • Please include a caption that describes what is taking place in the photo(s), and identifying everyone in the photo(s).