Matt Waller

Male professor is teaching a class.Matt Waller, dean, the Sam M. Walton Leadership Chair, and professor of supply chain management, Sam. M. Walton College of Business. 

Matt Waller regularly teaches a course as part of the Honors College Forum series, and he is known for bringing in high-profile and highly successful business leaders who add unique, practical perspectives to the business theory Waller teaches.

In 2017, he taught Arkansas Business, which explored how and why the state has produced so many profitable companies. In 2018, he led Entrepreneurs, a class that gave students exposure to a wide array of successful entrepreneurs. And this fall he is teaching “EPIC,” which explores how the Walton College’s values of excellence, professionalism, innovation and collegiality are evident in the most successful leaders and businesses across Arkansas.
Waller also was a speaker in 2018 when the Walton College hosted a Business Honors Conference that brought in representatives from more than 30 universities. And he is a co-founder of the Leadership WWEB podcast, a joint project between the Walton College of Business and the College of Engineering. The twice-monthly podcast is targeted to undergraduate students and was co-hosted in July by an honors college student. Waller is the first dean other than Honors College Dean Emeritus Bob McMath to receive this award.