Band Aid

Band Aid

The sound emitted by a marching band can reach 120 decibels or higher – similar to a plane taking off and within shouting distance of a jackhammer!

Courtyard Curvahedra

Courtyard Curvahedra

It started with a class, and a question –– How can we get students to use our courtyard?

Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success

Rhodes Scholar Coleman Warren started his own ice cream business to help feed hungry kids. Now, he’s headed to graduate studies at Oxford University.

Power of Path

Power of Path

The Path Program helped Lizeth Martinez feel at home here on campus.

Postcards from Peru

Postcards from Peru

Tough lessons on the intersection of history and tourism awaited our Honors Passport students in Peru, making for a truly powerful academic study abroad experience.

First-Gen Fabulous

First-Gen Fabulous

First in your family to go to college? You're not alone! We provide a strong support system that will help you thrive here on campus. 

Reach for the stars

Reach for the Stars

Honors alumna Amber Straughn has caught quite a few. The NASA astrophysicist is making history with the James Webb Space Telescope.

Going for Gold

Going for Gold

Lexi Weeks Jacobus and Tori Weeks Hoggard are pole-vaulting champs and soar academically, as well.

Wanna Go Places?

Start in Rome. Study art history, economics and a world of other topics at the University of Arkansas Rome Center.

Get a Global Perspective

Anthony Eller researched public health throughout Panama, from modern clinics to the remote rainforest, where shamans heal through songs and chants.

Make a Difference

... in Mozambique, Belize, or right here in Northwest Arkansas. You can work with real people in real situations, and earn course credit, too.

Could Microbubbles Save Your Life?

Physics major Kristin Kovach's honors research could lead to a breakthrough in treating blood clots. Small scale, big potential.

Channel Aesop, Jung and Bambi

Animal myths inspired Luke Knox' honors thesis, an installation exploring the relationship between civilization and nature.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Thanks to her biochemistry major/drama minor, honors student Kanesha Day has explored creativity in the lab and on stage.

Big Win for a Young Designer

Work at night and on weekends paid off big for honors alumnus Joe Weishaar, who won an international competition to design the new World War I Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Shooting for Geographic

Born and raised in Flippin, Arkansas, honors alumna Shannon Sanders travels the globe in search of stories for National Geographic.

Pedal Power

These honors students are engineering better healthcare (and getting fit) with a no-frills, $10 test for anemia that could save lives in underserved areas.

Fab Lab

Honors architecture major Molly Evans and her classmates designed and built a welcome pavilion for Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Extreme Caver

Meet Dr. Matt Covington, geosciences professor, physicist and philosopher. His classroom has deep drops and tight squeezes.

Welcome Home

The 400+ freshmen in Hotz Honors Hall study hard and have fun. Take the tour with Honors College Fellow Anthony Azzun.