Vision and Pillars

group shot of Honors College staff, on steps of Gearhart Hall

In 2020 we met to redefine our vision and establish pillars that guide our work day to day. One of our key goals is to work towards a more diverse, equitable and inclusive environment here at the Honors College. We will keep you posted as we make progress towards this goal.


The University of Arkansas Honors College was created to foster opportunity in a state with a history of social disparity and pressing educational needs and to create a competitive in-state option for top students from Arkansas and beyond.  

As part of the state's land-grant and flagship institution, the Honors College has an obligation to be at the forefront of creating a more equitable state and world where all can flourish.  

To this end, the Honors College prepares University of Arkansas students to be leaders with intellectual, economic, cultural and ethical impact in the widest scope of fields.  


Inclusion: We strive to reflect the diversity of our state and to build a college community that embraces and uplifts the widest variety of experiences and insights.    

Curiosity: We critically engage the rich and varied insights of the past and reach for the pressing questions of contemporary scholarly life.  

Innovation: We encourage students to become intellectual risk takers who draw from resources across the university and in the community to identify and pursue a fulfilling life path, not the easy or expected one.   

Accountability: We embrace our role in cultivating engaged individuals and seek to act as responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us and to be accountable to the communities we serve.