These courses help you make the most of your honors experience as you both envision and prepare for life after you complete your degree. We bring in top faculty and experts to guide you both in thinking about innovative career areas and in taking concrete steps toward your chosen goal.  These courses look at innovation, the creative process and industry and also give expert guidance on professional schools and competing for nationally competitive awards. Each course is one credit hour, which makes it easy to fit into a busy honors schedule. Please consult individual course pages for more information.

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Leadership Lessons Learned

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This course is a unique opportunity to learn from business leaders who have experienced the ups and downs of leadership.  Throughout the course, these leaders will share their experiences and offer their own leadership lessons learned.  Each module will feature a business leader at different stages of their journey.  Executive Vice Chancellor Bordelon and Dean Williams will facilitate these conversations, drawing out insights that you can use in your own leadership journey.  After completing this course, you can put the leadership lessons learned to work in your own leadership journey, accelerating your career and the positive impact you have on those you will lead.  

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