Print Your Poster

You've been invited to present your research at a national meeting –– congratulations! But, where will you print up your poster?

We can help. The Honors College will print posters for honors students presenting their research at a U of A event or at a professional conference, symposium or workshop. And, we'll print your poster at no cost to you.

Poster Printing Request Form

Some limitations apply:

  • We accept requests only from current honors student listed as a presenter on the poster.
  • Item to be printed must be a research poster for a formal presentation (no banners, signs, etc.).

Posters should be submitted as a Powerpoint slide

  • Please contact Michael Zachary for additional allowable formats before you submit your poster (

There is no required poster design. However, please note the following:

  • Posters should use color sparingly; posters with colored backgrounds or other excessive use of color are strongly discouraged and may be denied printing. Contact Michael Zachary with questions.
  • Maximum poster size allowed is 36" x 48"
  • Poster printer uses 36" rolls. Therefore posters that are not sized to 36" for either height or width will require additional cutting post printing by the student.
  • File must be less than 25MB in size.
  • Posters are printed on poster paper only, not mounted on foam board or other surface.

Set appropriate poster size in Powerpoint before you design the poster

  • From the Design tab select Slide Size > Custom Slide Size
  • Set both height and width in inches
  • Select whether slide (your poster) will be landscape or portrait

The following must be included on the poster:

  • Honors College logo
  • Logo associated with your Honors Program or Home College
  • Additional funding statement if an Honors College study abroad or research grant contributed to this research project
  • Your mentor should help determine appropriate logos and exact placement of needed logos and acknowledgements.
  • Include Honors in your title (e.g. Jane Smith, Honors Biology)

Where to find logos:

  • Honors College Logos may be downloaded from the Credit Your Grant page.
  • Logos were provided by the Colleges in February 2019. Contact your Honors Program Director for the most current versions of appropriate logos.

Where to find templates:

  • Here are three example templates that you can download:
  • There are many free templates for Powerpoint posters available online. Search for "free powerpoint poster template" to find a template right for you.

Work ahead!

  •  If the Honors College cannot print the poster due to equipment failure, then you will have to take your poster elsewhere for printing at your own expense.
  • Allow 2 full business days between submission and picking up at the Honors College front desk, located on the  first floor of Gearhart Hall.

Edit, and edit again:

  • Note that there are no "do overs," so be sure to proofread your poster thoroughly before submitting! 
  • The Honors College can decline to print a poster for any reason at their discretion. 

When your poster is ready, submit this form to have your poster printed in the Honors College.

  • You will receive an email when your poster is ready to be picked up at the Honors College front desk in Gearhart Hall. It will take two full business days between submission and pickup, so plan accordingly.