Extended Research Travel Grant

 The Extended Research Travel Grant helps cover the costs of a long-term research trip. This grant helps fund both domestic and international research travel that lasts 21 days or more. Students have used the Extended Research Travel Grant to work with NGOs and nonprofits in Belize, South Africa, Eswatini and India; take part in neuroscience lab research in France; work at an archaeological dig in Italy; and much more. These experiences often become the focal point of students’ honors research projects.

Need to be abroad for just a  short  time?  Students who need funding for research-related trips lasting fewer than 20 days should apply for the  Honors College Short-Term Research Travel Grant  instead.

An Extended Research Travel Grant can help you take your honors research far beyond the Fayetteville city limits. Current students, visit the Honors Student Hub  (log in using your uark.edu credentials)  to learn more about eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Visit the Honors Student Hub

Nate Garcia

"I took on a questionnaire-based project, asking older children and staff members at the Mimosa Primary School in Cape Town, South Africa, about their knowledge of CPR and First Aid."

Nate Garcia, exercise science & business

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