Libby Finch Award

Male student takes in views of Barcelona, Spain

Libby Finch loved to travel! She organized several tours of Europe during the '50s and '60s. Thanks to her efforts, many U of A students experienced Europe's cultural riches.

The Libby Finch Study Abroad Award honors her legacy by supporting study abroad in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Eligibility, requirements and deadlines are the same as those for the Honors College Study Abroad Grant. Extra considerations include:

  • Students must have documented financial need
  • Students must study abroad for a full term (An academic year, a semester, or five weeks in summer)
  • Students studying abroad in the United Kingdom or Europe preferred
  • The Libby Finch Award covers the same percentage of study abroad expenses as an Honors College Study Abroad Grant. However, the Libby Finch Award also provides additional funds to support cultural experiences: $500 for summer programs and $1000 for semester or academic year programs.
  • The number of awards may vary depending on need, opportunity and availability of funds.
  • Recipients of the Libby Finch Award must blog on a monthly basis. Check out these blog posts by Libby Finch awardees

To apply, simply submit your application for the Honors College Study Abroad GrantCurrent students, for information on eligibility, deadlines and the application, visit the Honors Student Hub (log in using your credentials).

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David Sweere, architecture

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