Fellowship Interview

female student is being interviewed at a round table

2024 Fellowship Interviews are scheduled to take place Monday, March 4

All fellowship applicants will be notified by the evening of February 15 whether or not they have been invited to interview for fellowships. For tips on how to prepare for the interview, please read our associate dean's  Fellowship Interview Tips blog post.

Invited to interview? Here are also some important details to help you prepare for March 4.

Fellowship Interview Day Itinerary

Parking Instructions 

We also answer some frequently asked questions below:

All interviews are scheduled to take place between 1-4 pm on Monday, March 4. When you check in that morning at the entrance to the Verizon Ballroom, you will be given a nametag with your scheduled interview time along with your interview room. We'll go over more details about the interview during the opening meeting. 

There is no dress code for the interview, we just recommend that you dress in a manner that makes you feel confident for your interview.

It is important, but we consider all aspects of the selection process, including your academic performance, writing samples, letters of recommendation, and interviews.

Your interview will last 15 minutes. There will be two to four honors faculty and staff members on your committee.

  • Be sure to read our associate dean's Fellowship Interviews blog post.

  • Be yourself.

  • Answer the questions directly and openly, keeping your responses fairly brief and to the point.

  • Take time to think before you answer, and be sure to answer the questions you are asked. It's also okay to say you do not know.

  • If you have earned any additional achievements of awards since your submitted your fellowship application, feel free to share that with your interview committee or even bring an updated resume to share with the interviewers.

  • Do not try to tell the panelists what you think they might want to hear.

  • Let your interviewers take the lead in the interview.

  • Focus on your interests. There is no need to mention scores and grades in the interview, since we have that information at hand.

  • Enjoy yourself! The faculty members are delighted to have this chance to meet and get to know you. Everyone wants you to do well.

You can access your required fellowship finalist essay on your New Student Center. Please follow the instructions carefully as you prepare your 600 word essay. 

Consider some of these sample interview questions - one of these might well be asked at your interview. Review your application, especially your essay and the three works you listed that you enjoyed reading this year. You should also be prepared to discuss the finalist essay you submitted prior to the interview. Typically a few of the questions at the interview will come directly from the material you sent us.

It's also not a bad idea to participate in one or two 15-minute practice interviews with your friends, parents or teachers so that you will be comfortable with the interview setting. Ask them to help you keep your answers short and to the point. Make eye contact with the committee members as you speak.

You will be notified of fellowship status by email no later than March 15. Just FYI, we never send fellowship notification emails during the school day, so no need to worry about receiving one while you are in class.

Unfortunately, no, you will not be able to combine an academic scholarship offer from the Academic Scholarship Office (e.g. Chancellor's Scholarship, Chancellor's Merit Scholarship, Silas Hunt Scholarship, Chancellor's Community, etc.) with a fellowship. The fellowship will cancel out the original academic scholarship offer from the university.

With that said, in-state students can combine a fellowship with a scholarship from the Arkansas Division of Higher Education, such as the Challenge Scholarship or the Governor's Distinguished Scholarship. Out-of-state students can combine a fellowship with the New Arkansan Non-Resident Tuition Award. All fellowship recipients can also use external scholarships and financial aid awards to help fund their education at the University of Arkansas.

Fellows are expected to live in Hotz Honors Hall and engage with the honors community during their first year at the university. We reserve two floors in Hotz for our new fellows.

Students who are offered a fellowship can request a waiver from the Dean of the Honors College if they wish to live in another residence hall.  Please note that as part of the waiver request process, students will be required to agree to certain stipulations regarding their participation in Honors College activities throughout their first year of college. If offered a fellowship, you can request a waiver through honors@uark.edu.

Also, please note that in order to select a room on campus, you will need to complete a housing contract if you have not done so already. For more information on the housing selection process, we encourage you to visit the University Housing website. 

  • Maintain at least a 3.00 GPA at UA
  • Satisfactory progress toward your honors degree at UA (complete 27 credit hours in the first year and 30 credit hours in each subsequent year)
  • Exemplary personal and academic conduct
  • Attending the mandatory fellows meeting each fall along with submitting an annual report during their time at UA
  • Participation in the Academic and Professional Development for Fellows (APDF) program, which includes workshops on the following topics:
    • First Year - Four Year Fellowship Spending, Study Abroad, Annual Reports/Resumes, Academic Planning, LinkedIn Profiles, and selected UA online training modules
    • Second Year - Research Basics
    • Third Year - Research Plan Survey

Note: Students offered a fellowship will receive a sample contract in the spring of their HS senior year with further details. Students will sign the actual fellowship contract when they arrive in the fall.